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  1. So I have created an effect I really like, and have gotten great responses while performing. If I continue to get good responses and probably manage to improve it, I am thinking about releasing it on the Market.

    The only problem is that it requires you to make a gimmick. To make this gimmick, you will need a specific, very cheap, and readily available product. However, not everyone has it, and may have to buy it online depending on their location. Would you guys recommend I still put it out there, and if so, would you guys ever be interested in downloading it if I told you it requires you to make a very specific gimmick?
  2. Possibly. If the effect was strong enough. What we all dislike, is when you buy an effect, and find out that you need some rare or expensive item to actually make it usable. I suppose that the more information you provide upfront, the better. Of course it's a balance of protecting the integrity of the effect.
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  3. If I PM you the item, could you tell me if it is to rare (for lack of a better word)? I'm fairly certain its not, but just to be safe...
  4. For sure.
  5. As long as it is practical and is easy to make or gather the materials for then yes. Like mentioned above, do not trick people into buying your download if they realize it is then going to be almost impossible, or very difficult to actually perform.
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