Top 5 Impromptu Card Tricks?

Jul 14, 2008
Since it has so many posts in here, I think this is a good way to put up impromtu tricks. I know that it is more than five, but I would like to share. (Not in order)

Table Magic:
Sloppy Shuffle Triumph
Commerical Aces (Syd Segal)
Collectors Editions (Syd Segal)
The Omen (Aaron Fisher, Paper Engine)
Logical Lesson (Syd Segal)
Do As I Do (Royal Road to Card Magic)
Search and Destroy (Aaron Fisher)
Double Shock (inspired by Paul Harris with reset, Lu Chen and Yuichi Katakura)
Gambling Routine

Street Magic
Wild Joker
Colour Change
The Queens
Criterion (Chad Nelson)
2 Card Monte (David Blaine)
Lapse (D+M)
Five Speed (I know it's gimmick, but a small setup)
Role Play (D+M)
ACR (ending with card to mouth or Pixel by Jade David)
Four Card Revelation
Jul 19, 2009
stigmata-wayne houchin.
Joyride-dorian rhodell.
witness-lee asher.
hoffzy ozbourne-Bucks.
finders keepers-dorian rhodell.

Hmm.. This is hard but the ones i perform often that are impromptu are..

Subway by Dan&Dave From Five the notes

Meld by Dan&Dave From Five the notes - As simple as a DL but the patter is amazing

Biddle Trick

3 Phase or 7 Phase Ambitious Card Depending on audience etc.

Mm. And

SEARCH & DESTROY by Aaron Fisher - its brilliant

Just a tip to everyone out there. I'm not saying to ditch the knucklebusting tricks because trust me those are fun and i like em. But im just saying that theres ALOT of simple tricks that hit hard. Just try to switch of your repetoire once in awhile.
Jul 1, 2009

Only starting but use it these five everything i perform

Own sandwhich routine(Just a card put back then i display the cards, spectator shuffles the deck. Then pick four cards they touch three cards. Then use Kings or Ace to find there card. the Two cards sandwhich the thier card.)
Kick @$$ card trick.
Jul 2, 2008
Ambitious Card Routine with levitation ending (mine)
Misconception (mine)
Card to Mouth
Card under glass (if walk-around, pocket, but under something on a table)
Jul 18, 2009
Biddle Trick (My Own Patter)
TiVo 2.0 (Dan&Dave)
Card To Pocket (My Version)
Hofzzy Osbourne (Dan&Dave
Two Card Monte (David Blaine)


Apr 3, 2009
leeds and halifax
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unbelievable by michael shields &bascom jones junr

color i- do-as u by george boston
and the 12 card tricks the is in eddie joseph book / eddie's dumbfounders with cards no skill- no sleights- no moves. and the protean card magic by a old but new paul gordon..

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My 5 favorite

I find it quite hard to find and name just 5 of the impromptu card effects I do, but I'll give it a try:

  • I.T.C. aka Invisible Telekenetic Card - A very simple yet hard hitting card effect that I created. I also use it for my opener whenever I perform, and the selected card can be signed or even use a borrowed deck.
  • Ambitious Card Routine - A true classic and has never failed me once, and the audience loves to participate during some of the reveals.
  • Card to Various Locations - Another favorite of mine, is to have the spectators signed card disappear and then appear in almost impossible conditions. Signed card to pocket, wallet or even the signed card in sock routine.
  • Two Card Monte - Another favorite of mine which most spectators think they can win, even though I suggest an imaginary bet. There's another version of Two Card Monte which is taught in Mark Wilson's Complete Course of Magic. Now although that particular variation looks really good, but it's not 100% impromptu.
  • Magic w/ Aces - There are just too many card effects that utilize the 4 aces, but they're also one of the more fun effects I like to do with four cards instead of the whole deck.
Aug 31, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
I like to keep my top 5 simple.

Triumph (Royal Road version)
A/C (different each time I do it)
Twins (brother Jon Hammond) -spelling?
Two Card Monte
Mind reading Force

some other ones worth mentioning...
I have been doing .44 (Daniel Garcia) a lot lately.
I always carry my own cards in my back pocket and i almost always have here then there and Chicago opener ready, I know that's not exactly impromptu, but it looks that way when i pull the deck out.
May 13, 2008
St Albans, UK
I've been using these lately:

Biddle, Club Sandwich, Easy Ace Estimation and Dr Daley's Last Trick - pretty much every performance.

Lorayne's Colour Assembly, Repro Retro and some Clipshift stuff when more is needed.


Jul 7, 2009

1)Indecent by W:H
2)Ego by DG
3)KAOS by DG
4)Stigmata by W:H
5)Card to Pocket (its a classic) by .... Jesus?

*(Not in order btw)
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Oct 1, 2008
If someone asks be to show them a trick the first thing i whoop out is

Biddle trick, with my friends patter which i use, it works great!

Time machine, i have my own second phase which i add on to the end, gets insane reactions depending on audience

Hand Sandwich-A sandwich effect i created done in the hands of the spectator

K.I.S.S. (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID)-another one of my created effects a card to box transpo, then a card to deck transpo, kinda hard to explain

What n' where- kinda like this n that, a three phase thing where the spectator tries to find the card but fails everytime, w/ a pretty good ending

ACR-a classic

i named 6 that i do but i could keep on going if i wanted
Jan 1, 2009
Back in Time
Literally anything that doesn't involve a gimmick. You could set up for an ace cutting routine in front of people and they wouldn't be the wiser if you have a good Cull. Hell you could use that to set up for LITERALLY anything if you're good at it.
Let's see....

The Signed Card (Bro. John Hamman) GREAT TRICK! Hits 'em in the eyes everytime.

Open Travellers (Larry Jennings) Classic and never fails to get a reaction.

Kolossal Killer (Kenton Knepper) Not impromptu per say, but I always have my wallet, so it is for me.

Twisting the Aces (Dai Vernon) A simple miracle and the original is always my favorite.

Last Man Standing (John Bannon) An overlooked in the hands triumph, that uses the Jennings/Goodwin display. It fools me it looks so good!

-Jonathan Brown
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