Top 5 Impromptu Card Tricks?

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  1. 1. Dr. Daleys Trick-Jay Sankey (i think)
    2. stigmate- Wayne Houchin
    3. biddle trick- Elmer Biddle
    4. Long Division-kevin ho
    5. card to mouth-Lots of People...i like Dan and Dave's
  2. Carousel I. Quant.
    Q2 personal trick.
    Mind force.
    Color monte.
    Card to spectators pocket. (HARD)
  3. 1. Biddle Trick
    2. 2 Card Monte
    3. Doc Daley's Last Trick (this is what I normally follow 2 Card Monte with, it's logical and the two flow well together)
    4. Juke by David Harkey and Paul Harris
    5. Mixed Symbols by Jim Sisti (one of my favorites)
  4. this is what i usually perform :

    indecent W.H
    search and destroy Aaron Fischer
    kaos D.G
    return of angels Ichiro Araki (table)
    A.C.R Brad Christian
  5. my favorite impromptu miracles

    The Biddle Trick by Elmer Biddle
    Search and Destroy by Aaron Fisher(though my version is slightly different)
    Sloppy Shuffle Triumph by Chris Kenner
    Hand to Mouth(I use my own method)
    Fallen by Daniel Garcia
    but dont get discouraged just because a trick requires a set up, as i have set up right in front of my audiences and not been questioned, or suspected.
    Some Admirable Mentions
    Stigmata by Wayne Houchin
    Kaos by Daniel Garcia
    Shifty by Chris Kenner
    Just Joking by Jay Sankey
    Schwing by Chris Kenner
    The Queens by Dan and Dave Buck
    Ambitous Card Routine
    44 by Daniel Garcia
    Timeline 2.0 by Daniel Garcia
    White or Wheat by Daniel Garcia
    Ishkabibble Sandwich by Eric Jones
    and finally, I do a card changing sequence involving about 12 different techniques (including Shapeshifter by Marc DeSouza, Color by Daniel Madison, Cardini Change, Ed Marlo's Snap Change, Classic Color Change, Radical Change, and others)
  6. Been doing magic for a while now.

    Subway by D&D
    Sloppy shuffle triumph
    2CM I set it up in front of thier eyes.
    Own trick(Invovles a ziplock bag and a couple of color changes)
  7. TiVo transpo
    blind bluff
    jones change
  8. 1) ACR( i always do this if some1 just hand me a normal deck of cards)
    2) Card in hand- Crash course 1 by E
    3) Out of sight Out of mind- Vernon( I love doing this!!)
    4) 2CM- Don't always perform it.
    5) Heat- Crash course 1 by E( i will perform it unless there are table around me)
  9. Lots of good ones out there. If I had to narrow it down to five though, I'd go with:

    Cards Across (Las Vegas Leaper is my method of choice)

    Ambitious Card (a classic for a reason)

    Out of This World (spectator shuffles the deck beforehand. I use a combination of the Green Angle Separation and the move in step 6 of Paul Harris's Galaxy)

    Card to Pocket (Homing Card by Francis Carlyle with 51 Cards to Pocket [David Williamson] Ending)

    2 Card Monte (as it is popularly called now [originally "Be Honest, What Is It?" by Eddie Fechter]. It's become a modern classic for very good reason. It has so much going for it.)
  10. Here's my top 5 impromptu list :

    Estimation Aces - Ed Marlo/Harry Lorayne/Paul Gordon
    Hofzzy Osbourne - Dan and Dave Buck
    Collector's Edition - Syd Segal
    Search and Destroy - Aaron Fisher
    Bis Repetita Sandwhich - Bebel
  11. I'm kinda new to this but...
    Biddle Trick
    Time Machine (a variation i made)
    Search & Destroy
    Card to Pocket
  12. Is anyone else very very sick of this thread continuously popping up?

  13. Not as much as if it was constantly being asked over and over again.
  14. Good point. Keep this up then guys :rolleyes:

  15. card to mouth
    bad company - daniel madison
    twisting the aces (wayne houchin's handling)
    indecent (wayne Houchin) [impromptu if you have sandwich ziplock bag]
    force (mind reading)
    shuffling lesson (paul harris!?! not sure [from true astonishments]) requires little setup
  16. ACR - Ending with card to mouth
    Transpo effect - Either Jack Syna(ps)ces or Direct Hoffzy
    Ace Routine - Doc Daleys last trick, Oily Aces and Twisting the Aces
    Triumph - classic Zarrow method for table or the flippant triumph if i don't have a table
    Colour Change Reveal - Either Cardini or Erdnase depending on the situation and angles
  17. by the way, benjamin earls' 'thought of card in pocket' is quite daring and fun to perform one on one
  18. awe man...i wasnt gonna post anything in this thread but now i gotta:

    -tap a lack
    -spiral principal
    -more memory man
    -my own impromptu version of marlos miracle routine(which has a bunch of effects built in)
  19. I love close up Jr? Allwood
  20. Who is Jr?( it me Jr) Nick trost packet tricks in his 1st book is a must get book

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