Top 5 Impromptu Card Tricks?

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  1. What are your top 5 favourite, hard hitting, impromptu effects?
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  2. These I like:

    Time Machine by Steve Freeman - easy hard hitter
    Impromptu Rising Card - fools magicians
    Ambitious Card Routine - has become a classic, great trick
    Penalty Box - One of my favourite Sankey trick
    3 card monte - New York, here I come!
  3. 1. Biddle Trick - Simple Trick. Magic happens in their hands and transposition happens from your hands to theirs

    2. a logical lesson - this requires some set-up. However, the reaction is better than all the other tricks that i have stated

    3. Influential (original trick) - 4 jokers are shown. one visually changes into their card. Next, the other three are placed into the spectators hand where they change to a four of a kind. You are left absolutely clean. The deck is given to the spectator to hold throughout. No gimmicks are used. However, there is small set-up involved and 4 jokers are needed to make it look realistic

    4. 2 card monte - Again magic happens in their hands and ends unexpectedly. (requires little set-up)

    5. Among the discards - nice 'sandwich' trick where the sandwich occurs at unexpected place
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    Stand up/Street

    Subway - Bucks
    Queens - Bucks
    Ambitious - Lots of people
    Biddle - Elmer Biddle
    Back In Time - Sankey I think


    Reset (Repro Retro) - Bebel
    Jacksyna(ps)ces - Ernest Earick
    Sandwich Routine - Robbie Moreland
    Mary Kate & Ashley - Brett Bishop
    Invisible Palm - Larry Jennings

    Edited: thanks socter
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  5. Elmer Biddle invented the biddle trick. Originally named biddled across. Dick Ferguson also came up with the same trick and named it wow
  6. Like He Sed, Haha
  7. Here's a few from the "impromptu list" that I perform on a regular basis:

    Asher Twist – Lee Asher
    Easy Ace Estimation - Creator undefined to my knowledge
    Repro Retro - Bebel
    Biddle Across Variation - Bebel
    Everywhere & Nowhere - Bebel

    Take care,
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  8. Hi everyone,

    Repro retro - Bebel.
    Biddle across varation - Bebel.
    Everywhere & nowhere - Bebel.
    Impromptu 3 card monte also known as "color monte" - Bebel.
    Sandwich routine - Me.

  9. i only have one card trick that isn't impromptu and it uses a double facer, but i have so many that i couldn't list them but my #1 favorite is jumping gemini
  10. I'll list 5 impromptu ones I like, but there are lots more

    I'll name 5 that have not yet been mentioned so as to help get a greater variety of effects

    Thought of cards across- Christopher Williams and Gary Jones's versions.
    James Brown also has a great version called Brainless Travelers.

    Card to pocket- James Browns version

    Catalyst- Signed card transpo by Peter Harrison

    Back to basics- Peter Harrison effect/routine

    FU2- T&R by Sean Fields
  11. impromptu i do either john bannons secrets and mysterys routine
    less time somthing similar to james browns cards opener
  12. James Brown's card opener is a great piece

    I think most of his stuff from Still Fancy a Pot of Jam is great material
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  13. The Trick That Can't Be Explained - Dai Vernon
    P.H. Invisible Palm - Paul Harris
    Card to Mouth - Not sure of the certain version
    Hedberg's Peak - Dan and Dave
    Deja Vu - Dan and Dave

    I'm really digging D&D's new Trilogy, good stuff.
    1. Simple Switch P.H
    2. Card to Pocket
    3. coin matrix (using cards):rolleyes:
    4. card under glass
    5. invisible palm P.H.
  14. I forgot Simple Switch! : (

    || sean ||
  15. Stigmata
    Liquid Metal
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  16. In no particular order

    2.Dr. Daleys Last Trick
    3. Biddle Trick
    4. Ambitious Card
    5. Invisible Palm
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  17. It's nice to know that someone uses this, I think it's great. The only downside for me is that I personally I don't have the guts to perform it without looking an idiot; my ideal routines to use are ones that are "scripted" (as are most).

    Anyway, good choice man,

  18. Whack your PACK!!!
    Lennart Green's Card Matrix.
  19. card matrix? where is that taught? Is it on his Green Magic series?
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