Top 5 Impromptu Card Tricks?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Shanku, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Ambitious Card Routine
    Card to Pocket-Francis Carlyle, Darwin Ortiz, Jay Sankey
    Big Time Las Vegas Leaper-Paul Harris
    Stigmata- Wayne Houchin/ Banachek

    Ninja Transpo-loosely based on Backlash (Paul Harris), Lapse (Daniel Madison), and 2 Card Monte (David Blaine/ Eddie Fechter)

    You guys made me really want to get James Brown's DVD!
  2. Biddle trick
    Ambitious card
    Back in time - Jay Sankey
    Waving aces
  3. Several mentioned Reset (Repro Retro) by Bebel.

    Can you tell me where I can see some of his work or where I can learn this trick?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Sandwich Routine
    Biddle Trick
    Invisible Palm
    2 Card Monte
  5. 1. twisting the aces
    2. dr daley's last trick
    3. triumph
    4. reset (several versions)
    5. biddle trick
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    The Queens - Bucks
    Ambitious Card
    Criterion - Chad Nelson
    Elevation - Joshua Jay
    Back in Time - Jay Sankey/Joshua Jay variant
  7. I'd have to disagree with you here. I know many people who make more busking than I make at my job, and actually make their living off of it. (though my business income is more than both, hehe). I'd have to say get some experience on the streets and work on your presentation. As far as actually making money, there are plenty of threads here that explain it. (if not here, then I know Ellusionist's forums do)

    Anyway, not to get off topic, my top 5 are, in no particular order...

    Out of Sight
    A trick I created that has yet to be named
    Sinful (I know it's not a card trick, but with how much I love it, I had to add it)

    planning on getting Stigmata and Indecent soon, and with how much I like watching them, I'll probably like doing them and add them to my "top 5" list.
  8. Noone out there who can tell me where to find some routines fom Bebel?

    It has been mentioned several times but I never heard of him.


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    As of my current knowledge :p, I'd say:

    1 - Ambitious Card Routine
    2 - Two Card Transpo
    3 - Two Card Monte
    4 - Stigmata
    5 - Card to Mouth :D
  10. Wow guys... you guys are missing possibly the best trick ever created.... 21 Card Trick FTW!!!:D. Can't answer the question at the moment. Only a beginner here...
  11. Anything from by forces unseen.
  12. Impromto is tricky at first but such a huge lesson for performers.

    My CUrrent top 5 are:

    1. Keshian crossover (my own)
    2. Twistz (Rory schlimer)
    3. Ambitous card (hehe i dont actually know...practically everyone)
    4.card to mouth ( i think this is possibly the cheekiest and simplest card trick i know)
    5. Spiral flux (me)

    One nice touch that with practise canbe made into a half decent trick is simply palming the deck. At first i was like "are you serious? people are not that dumb" it is not a question of inteligence. It is how well YOU do it. I often use it to "blag" past people if i dont wantto perform. I say like i lost my cards or..they keep moving... try it.....

    oh my goodness i blabbered far to much.

  13. My 5 are:

    * Serendipity
    * Twisting the Aces
    * 5Xspeed
    * Among the Discards
    * Matching the Cards
  14. if someone asks 'show me some card tricks' I just throw out a few of the following

    biddle trick
    two card monte #(i always get good reactions from this for some reason)
    but before hofzy I do a DM 4 ace production taughht on the dangerous dvd that links nicely

    and maybe lapse
  15. This effect is credited to Paul Gordon from his book Nocturnal Creations, and I believe it's originally Ed Marlo's.

    The main workers from my repertoire:
    1) My collectors routine, Copperfield Aces.
    2) Ambitious Card
    3) Card to spectator's shoe
    4) Liar- an effect of mine I perform all the time.
    5) Paperclipped

  16. My current top-5 impromptu card tricks:
    1. Believe
    2. Blow (aka Card to Pocket Transposition)
    3. Biddle Trick
    4. Invisible Palm
    4. Bad Influence
    5. ACR​

  17. I know a lot of impromptu card stuff...
    -Twisting the Aces (Vernon)
    -Dr. Daley's last trick (Daley)
    -Ambitious Card w/ paperclipped (Sankey) or card to wallet
    -Card Warp (Roy Walton)
    -My handling of "Out-Standing Triumph"(Jennings) as well as my own original handling of triumph
    -Las Vegas Leaper (Paul Harris)
    -Ambitious Classic (Jennings)
    -Stigmata (Wayne Houchin and Banachek)
    -The Moving Pencil (Harry Loranyne)
    -Lazy Man's Card trick (Al Koran)
    -Ghost (David Stone and others)
    -Biddle Trick (Biddle)
    -My handling of "The Apex Ace"(Frank Garcia)
    -Funny Business (Iain Moran I believe)
    -Re-set (Paul Harris)
    -That's It (Eddie Fechter)
    -2 Card Monte (Eddie Fechter)
    -Reading their mind via a force
    -Thought of Card to Pocket (Benjamin Earl)
    -Super Swindle (Paul Harris)
    -Subway (Buck Twins)
    -Cardician's Blendo (Paul Harris)

  18. *Update* LOL

    1. Stigmata
    2. Beleive
    3. Ambitious Card Routine
    4. Card to Mouth
    5. Two Card Transpo

  19. So much for "top 5"...:D
    You could last the whole night (giggity giggity giggity) with that set!

  20. Danny Garcia's Greed?

    Thats not Impromptu...

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