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  1. Hey folks. I was wondering if I could get any tips for my top change hanging up. I've been steadily trying to almost perfect it for six weeks practicing it almost every night through that time. When I pull it off it looks great, but about five percent of the time it hangs up in my hands. For this reason I will not use it in performance. I'm trying to replace my double lift with it as much as possible.
  2. Probably the best advice would be to slow it down a little to analyse what’s causing the hang up.

    Once you have that, start bringing it back up to speed.
  3. That's exactly what I was doing after posting this! I'm not handling the sleight lightly enough. I'm making my fingers do unnecessary work. Thank you so much for the advice!
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  4. What are you using as your source to learn it from? There should be very little finger movement and it should be an "in-transit" move where the larger motion covers the smaller sleight.
  5. Practice with just two cards doing an Elmsley type of exchange. Keep it continuous. After this is comfortable, move on to holding a whole deck in your dealing hand. Do the exact same thing you were doing with two cards. Also remember that the top change is going to involve misdirection and motion in a real life situation. I have done some really bad top changes in performance, but I had my audiences eyes on mine since I was talking.
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  6. Proper motivation should cover this as well. Should the move be perfect? Sure I suppose but if it is motivated you will have even more cover. Especially when you feel it may hang up or flash.
  7. The hang up can be gotten rid of with a light touch, as mentioned before.

    Also make sure that you're not in a hurry to execute the move and you PROPERLY slide the original second card off the deck (the one which'll end up in your dominant hand at the end) even if you need to slide it off just an inch or less.

    Start tantalizingly slow that you'd feel as if you're being idiotic, so slow that even a new-born kid you think, could do better. I promise, that in a day or two of doing this, you'll naturally pick up speed. And this speed that you pick up would be a natural speed, as in at that developed speed, the move will be smooth. Try that. You'd also learn many things you might've overlooked before.

    Finally, I know that technique IS important. Very. BUT the fact remains that you can really perform the TC when people aren't looking, so that you get off clean. The benefit of doing this is that you'll gain experience, and gradually your TC WILL improve. You need ''flight-time'' mate.

    And yes you may get caught, and you probably will. I think RRTCM mentioned that the first time you do the change, you'll get caught. So brace yourself but remember to rehearse (not just practice :) ) in front of people you don't mind busting yourself. Even the best singers need a place to sound like a dolphin with a bad cough, per se.

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  8. Thank you all so much for your Help. It's really coming along nicely. I have developed an array of phrases and movements for different situations to get their eyes on mine and off of my hands. David Williamson's teaching on it has really helped me out as well. I don't know any other magicians so it's really nice to get some real advice from you guys.
  9. At first it helped me to do it slowly and with just a little movement of the arms and then gradually make a bigger movement until it’s done properly

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