Torn and Restored

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  1. the gimmick is pretty sexy, but i'm going to spend 12 paragraphs bashing the video.

    the routine is soo BLEGGHH

    they give you a routine to apply it, and it has like 8 hours of foreplay, before getting to the real trick. the worst part is that they spend 12 hours explaining the 4 hours of foreplay. AMG A HINDU FORCE? HOW T3W DO TH4T??

    in my humble opinion, they should just teach the TnR, and then just SHOW 5 or 10 different ways to present the trick.

    also, to perform it, you need 4 queens of spades; 5 if you dont want to make a switch. thats slightly annoying.

    the trick isn't quite as "visual" as the preview looks; there are some exposuring areas, if you do not do the trick perfectly. this is just from personal observation, i haven't tried it on anyone really, yet.

    Kenner likes the word "burnishing." ftl

    the lighter is just for presentation, fyi

    Angles are just like any other Torn and restored routine; works for a crowd, not if you are surrounded.

    other than that, it's pretty good. pretty self working, and its easy enough to ditch the gimmick. the gimmick is nice and compact, portable. the teaching is quite good, but get the dvd version. the download quality is pretty shoddy, and you will want to have the HD for the teaching.


    cant think of anything else.
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    I do agree about the routine taught on the DVD. I can imagine performing it and my spectators looking at each other saying, "What in the hell is he doing?".

    But that's where creativity comes in, and that's how we can make the trick truly shine.

    And I did find it funny how Chris used the word 'burnishing' multiple times to describe different things :p I'm thinking that Dana bet him that he couldn't use Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day 50 times in one DVD.

    Dana lost that bet.
  3. The one problem I have with the routine is the precise ripping of the card. Other than that, it fits my style pretty well (I'm very silly and fun when I do magic, rather than serious and mysterious), however I'm going to have to work on a way to get the card ripped up more quickly.
  4. Dude... One way forcing deck... but other than that I do agree that the quality of the video needs to be better (for the download). Witness has much better quality, though it is also a much shorter video (and thus, they could use the space for the higher quality).

  5. hows the reset for this trick?
  6. Pretty good.
    And if your smart, you only need one queen.
  7. i haven't checked it out yet, but you do realize you can fast forward right?
  8. good idea about the forcing deck. is there any place to pick them up, besides ellusionist?

    I'm going to pick up one of those, and show off my "pass."
  9. Try They have free shipping (even on small orders). That's where I shop mostly. Penguin has them too, as do most magic stores.
  10. um, no. you need 4. i think you meant 3, if you're smart; but theres no way around it.
  11. I did it with 1 Queen, trust me, if you play around with the idea and why you are doing each step, you will find you can do with only 1 court card or number card depending on the deck style. Now I said one court card, imma leave it at that.

    BTW: I understand that the routine taught is not perfect for everyone but I don't see how anyone would want to use the routine done by Kenner in the Vid. We all should come with our own routine to personalize it a little.
  12. you need two identical court cards to make the gimmick. i'm not going to argue about this anymore.
  13. No need to argue. U don't need them to PERFORM it. You need those one's to make the gimmick, but once you've made it, then that doesn't matter.

    If I needed to use an entire one way forcing deck to make a single gimmick, but never had to do that set up again, and the effect was amazing, then the number of cards involved in a ONE TIME set up, is essentially irrelevantly.
  14. the most important factor in buying this effect is the amazing idea. It's up to you to play around with the presentation or come up with a new one.
  15. I don't have this yet, but I will get it.

    I own Torn and Restored by Daniel Garcia and perform it all the time.

    What I do want to mention here is that the Routine is just an example for you to use. What you need to do is come up with your own routine that will make it more appealing to you.

    The video shows exactly what they spectator will see. A card is restored and then you flip it to show it's not the same card.

    I could only imagine the routine is something like this.

    The Spectator picks a card and you reveal the incorrect one. You then rip it up because it did not work and then remember that you can try something else. Restore it and then flip it over to show their selection.

    If I am close, then great. If not, then you just got another routine idea.

    What I would do is use two people for this. Have each select a card. I then loose them both in the deck. I reveal the first card successfully and then I begin to tear it up.

    I restore it and then flip it over to show the other spectators card.

    This sounds like it would work ,but then again. I don't have the trick yet and will need to make sure this idea can be pulled off.

    The point is this. Come up with your own Routine or Presentation. You are a Magician are you not?
  16. thanks for coming up with a routine, when you dont know the trick. those are always the best. thanks.

    way to contribute.

    the second one is kind of cute, but you need to use a force.

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