Torn by Daniel Garcia

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by nicolaspalacios, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Hey dude,
    Great job! I would now work on making your motions more fluid and relaxing the fingers a bit to give it a more open appearance. Also watch your angles...there were a few times when I could see "you Know What" when you tilted your hands into a different plane.

    Also the steal after the first restoration could be more deceptive...really pay close attention to how Danny teaches this trick...he's got all the finesse that it requires broken down to a science.

    Again great job!
  2. Thx Dude :d I will take all ur advice :D Keep it coming
  3. I think you did a great job.

    If you slow it down, it would make the "Magic" that much better. I found that the spectator enjoys the trick most when they are allowed to digest what is going on before the next section is restored.

    This does not mean to go very slow, but just smooth and steady, allowing for the "Magic" to sink in every time.

    Watch those angles. You did great but you need to be a little more careful. That is true for anyone of us who perform this. It's something we must always remember.

    I will say this. The last move you made was done Extremely well. You took the time up front to allow the last restoration happen quickly and smoothly. I am sure you know what I mean.

    Great Job.
  4. good job man,it needs to be a bit more fluid.

    pratice makes perfect.

  5. WOW!
    how did you do that?
    PS:my friends would go crazy xD
  6. thx for all ur comments :D keep it coming plz :p
  7. really
    tell me,
    I wont tell anyone
    PS: I'm serius I won't do it
  8. lol sry dude i cant, thatwill be exposure.. i can tell u where to learn it.
    its Called TORN by Daniel Garcia, Hope its help.
  9. Decent performance, like gared_Crawford said- the first steal could've been better and I would work on making it less obvious. Although, I really thought the third piece was restored beautifully. Just remember- performance is everything. Believe what you are doing is real, and your audience will too.
  10. Thx dude, I will take advice of all u said. I will practise more but now im working on TNR of Mathieu :p
    Thx for ur comment.
    Nicolas Palacios
  11. You need to practice a lot more to smooth out your actions. You had two MAJOR flashes that might as well expose the effect.

    The core of the problem???

    You are going WAY too fast. Slow down bro, you have plenty of time. Slow down when you practice, slow down when you perform, just slow and smooth and easy, nice, calm breaths.

    Now that you have your criticism, I recommend you take your video down and come back with a better one. : )

    || sean ||
  12. Roger That :p Thx dude

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