Torrents vs Selling

Is selling or buying a trick on ebay any better than torrenting magic?

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Jul 13, 2009
Why was this thread BUMPED, I know I bumped threads before but they were at least intelligent. And you should hang you head in shame, if you are going to bump a thread at least put meaning into it.

Now with that said,

Torrents are free domain which means everyone on the interent has access to it, Selling second hand is a great way to spread secrets in a controlled manner. Buying second hand is nothing like torrenting because you are buying th original copy and there is only one of them. Torrents are hurtful because so many people can download clones of the original.
Jul 13, 2009
It really isn't, if you sell a DVD of an effect you still perform, that's wrong, because that's taking away from money an artist who created the effect deserves. If you sell a gimmick or a DVD of an effect you don't use, that's not bad at all. It's just selling an item.

No your not, the person who sells the item second hand only gets a small portion of what he paid for it. The person who bought it only bought one copy, one copy is not going to hurt the artist if others are buying the dvd.
Lets say that a very popular dvd just got released at 50 dollars a pop. Someone buys it watches and decides to sell it for whatever reason. Now in the mean time hundred maybe thousands of DVDs are being bought. Say this second hand seller sells the dvd for 30 dollars. Now some would think this just hurt the artists which is not true, the dvd was still bought at 50 dollars but since one was sold second hand the artists still made a profit of 20 dollars. Do the math now

lets say 200 dvd's sold in a week, times 50 dollars a pop= 10,000 dollars
Now lets do this next equation:
199 dvd's sold in a week, times 50 dollars a pop, in addition 1 dvd for 20 dollars=9970 dollars that is a 30 dollar loss. Now if we say that at a maximum of 1 dvd out of 200 sold is sold on the underground market, and the dvd sells 200 dvd’s each week the first month of its release August.

9970 times 4 weeks in August= 39,880 dollars, and it will continue to rise just not as rapidly for the rest of its publication.

Now Torrenting on the other hand is an entirely different Beast.

Okay same scenario,

199 dvds sold at 50 dollars a pop, minus 1 dvd at 50x. X equals the amount of torrents download in a week.

199x50= 9950-50x lets say that this torrent is downloaded 150 times that week.

9950-7500=2450 dollars profit after one dvd is torrented, 7500 being the amount that could have been made if it wasn’t torrented.

You tell me which one is worse.
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