Totally Out of Control

Mar 4, 2008
is it worth it and whats the difficulty. i can do a lot ofthe stuff on trilogy and a bit of coins and rubberbands
Jun 2, 2008
Dallas, Texas
It;s totally worth it. I learned some much from this book definitly on coins. Ranges from easy and amazing to hard and amazing. It also taught me so many new sleights. Get it.
May 2, 2008
I Agree

It is worth it, a great book. Although some parts it is easier just to buy a video, that's wat I ended up doing. Depending on your skill level I am not sure if you should buy it or not. I ended up buying most of the videos as the book was not as clear to me as it could've been...
Sep 1, 2007
Its an amazing book, buy it now!

As far as difficulty it's for someone with around 2 years experience or more i'd say.
Sep 1, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
I just got this book, and I just want to add that it is DEFINITELY worth it. Just think about the price first. 5 Speed = 12 bucks. Missing Link = 9 bucks. That is like 21 bucks right there (a little more actually) which is HALF THE PRICE of the book with a good TWENTY-SOMETHING effects in it.

Some tricks are very easy. 5 Speed, for instance (which I use as an example because you can all see what it looks like) is very easy. I am familier with jumping gemini, so to be fair, I had done all of the moves before, but I had the rough,unpolished performance down within 20 minutes of reading it. Some effects, though, are obviously much harder, and he states that they are difficult and are there for the purpose of honing your advanced sleight of hand.

Now, I have and love AOA, but Paul Harris's explanations are sometimes hard to follow, and some steps I don't get what he means until I try it like 50 times then realize what he actually meant. This book is not like that, it is, in my opinion, rigorously detailed (as long as you know the names of sleights. For example, he may say something like "Asciano Spread" in some places, and breifly explain it - but for the most part he expects you to know how its done).

I see what you mean when you say it may be easier to get the movies. When I read "Missing Link" for instance, I saw and recognized what I had to do, but it is still hard for me to vizualize the EXACT hand motion to do it efficiently, and I imagine it will be very easy to learn from the movie if I see him do it. But after learning a few effects from AOA, I imagine it won't be long till I get the knack of the trick after a few more reads over this higher-detailed script.

I am sorry this is almost a full-blown review, but I got the book two days ago, and I just discovered this thread today, so I felt I had to say something.
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