TRANSIT by Calen Morelli

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Very excited about this effect. The presentation looks seamless, and the method is completely undetectable. In production of this video, Calen performed live on the unforgiving streets of New York. The reactions were consistently on point with each performance. And most importantly - the method is undeniably practical.
  2. I agree with this 100%. Calen showed me this effect a while ago and I went nuts over it. So visual and so deceptive; Calen is just a genius on his own. His mind is so unpredictable.

    Calen has a blog posting a video of a new idea every day for an entire year. Talk about a creative machine!

    Here is the blog:

    Enjoy the visual goodness!

  3. checked out the blog, he definitely has some great stuff. i would love to see a follow up release of that X-rated production. Looks sexy and so much more practical than Thunderbird
  4. Damn Calen is LEGIT ... saw the 365 days of magic blog every trick he does could be a 1 on 1 blockbuster... theory get your hands on this boy and dont let him go...
  5. I'm very interested :D, I saw this kid on the magic session and he seems like a creative bloke.

    I love rubberband magic as well :D
  6. Wow, he is insane. Mad skill and mad creativity. I want to see more than half of those things published. This is the first time in my 4 years long magic journey that I am actually jealous of fellow magician.

    Well done.
  7. Seriously, release more stuff from this guy. I was totally fooled by some of the stuff on his blog, his tricks are just right for your one on one section. Also, 365 days of magic would make an epic DVD project, just saying.
  8. I'm just surprised that there are no more words about this. Less than a week till the release haha.
  9. I keep trying to tell Calen to write a damn book after a year has passed. A book literally FULL of gems, hidden amongst the leafy pages of a hardbound 1st edition book that would never seem to collect dust...
  10. This Friday...

  11. Can I preorder that book now? haha man this guy is super creative. It's inspiring lol.
  12. I just virtually Hi-5'd him... What have you done with your life? :)
  13. He is now my favorite magician
  14. That blog is wild.

  15. Calen is my boy and all, but is it just me, or do his fingers bend really weird?

  16. Regardless about his bending fingers Sam, Calen's a G. Nuff said.
  17. I've never in my time been fooled by one magician so many times. Even some of the pros I've been able to watch and almost immediately get how they do it, but I couldn't get anything from Calen.
  18. Wow they are really sneaking this up under the radar. I'm psyched for tomorrow!..technically today
  19. Looking forward.


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