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    Hello guys,
    I was just wondering if someone would be interest in this trick I inveted. This one is just very fast made trailer but I want to make reguler for The Wire but I would like to hear what you really think about it If there is chace to produced on The Wire. Thank you for reply. Michal

    PS: no gecko, raven etc.
  2. Not baad , but is it original ??
  3. Yes..It is..I have never seen something like that and I have seen tons of DVDs...
  4. That is awesome! You should definitely sumbit this to The Wire. I look forward to buying this man.
  5. Thank you man! Today I am gonna record it. Hopefuly T11 will take it.
  6. haev you checked magic books? i have seen something that resembles what you did. i do not know your method but if i was to guess that is what i would say pm me if you want to know what i think.
  7. I havent red it in book neither but PM and I will see
  8. Damn that looks good.
  9. the first two I thought... oh, false transfer and a palm. But then I was like whaaaa???
    Never seen anything like it, looks beautiful.
  10. Thank you guys. Working on it for you!

  11. You better release this! Hey sir PM me really fast.
  12. I will release it as soon as possible. Hopofuly at the end of this week it will be on The Wire..:)
  13. Can't wait for it. Looks absolutely stunning.
  14. wait so u mean
    no false transfers or palming?
    then y dont u show ur right hand after the vanish?
  15. Buy it and you will see.
  16. see i really like your effect and how u vanish things
    but if u r keeping it in ur right hand
    then not interested sorry
  17. In case you release this, what will the title/name be?
  18. Today I made upload to The Wire and name will be ,,Dream,,

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