Tutorial #1 Official Release: C_M_C Cut

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jason Soll, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Friends,

    Below is the link for the first of three free tutorials from Jason Soll. This is the first time in history that cardistry enters the new dimension of Kicklight technology. Now, videos can have step-by-step instructions that do not disrupt the video footage itself. This will make it easier to learn from online videos because the text will not obscure the video.

    I would recommend learning from the Kicklight by following these steps:

    1. Watch the video in its entirety without trying the moves yes. This will give you a feel for what you will try to accomplish.

    2. Read through the Kicks and follow the instructions. They go fairly quickly, so feel free to pause often and take your time.

    3. Once you have learned from the Kicks, match what you have learned to the video explanations above the Kick.


    Good luck, and feel free to ask questions and get additional help here. I will try to make the next tutorial video slower in order to reduce the need for pausing.

    Wednesday: The_Stag

    -get ready-
  2. Nice tutorial but I expected something more after all this talk about 'kicklight'.
  3. yea, i was expecting some revolutionary new video watching system.
    anyway, cool cut.
  4. I have by no means explored all of the possibilities of Kicklight.

    "KickLight is a new online service which allows video producers to add synchronized visual elements to their videos for creative enhancement and monetization. Currently, the KickLight service is in private Beta."

    Kicklight provides opportunities for video producers to advertise their own videos, made their videos more interactive with links and extra information provided by the Kicks, etc. It really will add an extra dimension to the online video experience.

  5. Doesn't YouTube do that? Cause I know you can add links and other things to a YouTube video. What does this video player do differently from YouTube? :confused:
  6. The new functions on YouTube have ads and links that appear ON TOP of the video created by the users. The Kicks do not take away from the experience of the video that was originally intended by the user. And, the Kicks can be turned off.

  7. Aint really my type this one, i'll await the 'Stag'. =]
  8. same here, although it's a cool cut I'm still working on the basic revolution. Except for L cuts, I'm not really a fan of 1 handed cuts.
  9. The youtube annotations, as they are called, can also be turned off... In case you didn't know.

    Anyways I think these two moves are crazy awesome, and I will surely learn them! The revolution cut is just so pretty :D
  10. the vid was awesome and the cut was alright but the kicklight thing did not seem to revolutionary i mean it is just synconized text and i think it makes it more difficult to learn from because if makes it harder to focus on the video due to reading.

    but your next cut looks amazing can't wait for it.
  11. Pretty cool move :) But I expected the Kicklight feature to be somewhat more extraordinary and revolutionary since that was the impression I received when I saw your trailer.

    But nonetheless, great tutorial and thank you for sharing :D

  12. It almost sounds like Jason is one of the founding members of kicklight or something "but guys it's actually really cool!" hehe I will have to agree with the not-so-excited crowd about the kicklight but Im not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, I think the concept is interesting and how you apply it to the rev cut to get an extra packet is significant to me, I will definnitely be learning this! Keep up the good work Jason I thought you disappeared for a while but im glad you're baaaack...
  13. I thought it was a great cut. Thanks for the tutorial, will definitely learn.
  14. Very nice. Very interesting cut that can without doubt draw attention.
    I can agree, however, that the KickLight could be a little "better."

    Still, a fantastic video. :)
  15. Great tutorial,

    Though I really didnt like the 'Kicks'

    Sorry, but it actually made it more difficult to learn...
  16. it would have been easier if he just put the letters in the black screen
  17. Awsome thanks

  18. Awesome tutorial! Awesome cut! The kicks were awesome! I'm a huge fan of the addition of KickLight. Thanks!
  19. Sorry to be such a spoilsport... but that's it? That's the kicklight technology? Text, accompanying the video? Sorry, but that's been done before... a billion times. Just moving it below the player doesn't make it revolutionary.

    With that said I do love the cut and I think you're an awesome flourisher. I'm just definitely not impressed with the overhype of the 'Kicks'.

    -Sam H
  20. Aside from the kicklight thing (I don't have much of an opinion about it), I like your way of teaching, and thanks for sharing. :)

    Those other cuts at the end looked incredible. :D

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