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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Senz, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. What up Dudes,

    I really really need some Uncut Sheets from any of the T11 Decks or Smoke & Mirrors.
    I know it's a long shot but can anyone help me get some?

    Thx a lot guys
  2. Well the are selling the Deck One uncut sheets , so you should grab one before they run out.
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    Dan and Dave are selling Smoke and Mirrors v5 uncut sheets Jan 4, 9am. I'll be buying fast so I advise you do too.
    They'll be signed too! Good luck dude, hope you get some.
  4. Do you know around how much it would be?
  5. We have a very small amount of DeckONE first edition sheets remaining - check 'em out now in our Gear section. Regarding Smoke and Mirror sheets... check around tomorrow morning. ;)
  6. I'm not sure about the cost but if J.B. is implying S&M v5 uncut with be here at t11, I would assume around $30. That's quite unbelievable though.
    Anyway, I'll be buying tomorrow, hopefully from t11 :)
  7. what time zone?
  8. Probably Pacific Time. 3 hours behind my time...
  9. Dan & Dave will be releasing some uncut S&M v5 sheets today and seeing as they and t11 often work closely together we'll probably be seeing a few sold here as well.
  10. Sweet! $29.95 for an uncut V5 playing card sheet... No one can beat that.
  11. i think someone was fooling us
  12. D&D website the V5 uncut sheet is for sale there.
  13. in what section
  14. Front page you can see it....
  15. ok i found it thanks, i couldnt find it but i typed it in the search box
  16. Wow. Cards are becoming too important.
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    I really hope there will be some at theory11 because I couldn't grab one at D&D (my bank was celebrating New Year all the way from 31st of December to 3rd of January, so I couldn't put any money on my visa to buy the sheets.). Although I didn't receive any S&M decks yet (which is becoming more weird with every day - its more than 3 weeks of shipping now), and don't even know how the decks look in real, I'd be very happy to buy uncut sheet of these cards from T11's. .. *sighs*
    Hope there will be a chance for me and other guys, who hadn't any money on their credit cards at that moment:)
  18. I know right. Hopefully they still have some saved here. They were coming out today, and I had money. But I just got home looked at DnD website and they were sold out.... -.-" ugh.
  19. they are out of stock :(

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