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  1. Hola everyone,

    Are you (or someone you know) interested in improving your performance/handling of WITNESS?

    Here's your answer - be a part of the WITNESS email session.

    It's fun, free, and filled with great tips and thoughts for you to be inspired and improve.

    Sign up now and prepare to receive:

    * Hidden video links
    * Digital goodies
    * Several quality WITNESS ideas
    * New found credits to expand your knowledge
    * plus a whole bunch more

    Click here now to join the WITNESS email session.

    This will help you make the difference between good and GREAT, and knowing is half the battle.

    See you over there...


    ps. if you have any questions, please email me at lee@leeasher.com

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    Yes this has been posted before. Remember that I'm trying to get a hold of everyone who has WITNESS. People purchase it at different times. If I only posted once, then they miss out. So I post this every few weeks to get them involved. That's why you see it a few times, and continue to. Thanks for understanding.
  2. Hey,

    for those who have not signed up, do!

    I have gotten alot of cool info on Witness and Lee has given out some amazing advice, not only for witness but for magic in general.

    Why choose it?

    1. Its free and you can ask Lee any advice.
    2. He gives so much cool stuff its starting to hurt, in a good way!
    3. He does not only talk about witness, he gives out advice on alot other things.
    4. Hes vintage videos are awesome and inspiring.

    Those are only the few things i love about Lees email Session.

    Sign Up and you will not be sorry!

    Ps. Lee did not buy me candy to do this :), (i can buy my own candy), all this is truly true!

  3. yes, sign up. It is great. Other guy summer it up.
  4. I LOVE receiving emails from Lee Asher.

    I always learn something super cool! :D
  5. Agreed, these emails are great. I highly suggest joining the email sessions.
  6. "Hi,im buck weston.And I approve of this message"

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    The information is really great, if you arent a member...join
  8. Lee... I signed up for this a while ago, and got a few messages, then they suddenly stopped, and I haven't gotten any since. Um... any plans?
  9. There has been alot going on. He went to Singapur and we didnt hear from him for a looooooong time. A few months have passed from that and he has sent a few emails. Although alot less than before. I assume there is nothing to write about.

  10. A letter went out two weeks ago about Martin S. and the WITNESS 48hr challenge. I even started a thread about it right here.

    There's a bunch more to come. Just stay on the list.


    ps. if you sign-up now, you still receive all the letters that everyone has received.
  11. Guys & Gals, be apart of this, it's great. I also love the videos he recommends and puts on.

    Lee, keep up the good work.

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