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  1. I have been tempted many a time to buy a Rising Card deck when visitng a magic shop. Only one thing has stopped me from buying it and that is my goal to keep most of my magic pure skill and ungimmicked which many people here probably have the same goal. So I am just wondering what is your favorite methods for the rising card without a gimmick. As a quick impromptu effect I don't do the Pinky Rise anymore but I do Marconick's Rising Aces method which, to me, is way better than the Pinky Rise. It looks especially great if you shake the deck as you do it because the card just seems to eerily rise by itself. The only bad thing about it is that it doesn't look like it comes from the center which you can do with the Pinky Rise by stepping the deck.
  2. Gimmicks will never hold you back. If you can use them well, they are your best friend. It doesn't matter the method, the spectator see's the same thing. A gimmick just makes your job easier.
  3. I like to do the one that Danny Garcia came up with in DGP
  4. Greg Wilson has one in Pyrotechnic Pasteboards or Card Stunts I can't remember. But it's impromptu and surprisingly easy to perform.
  5. I definetly know that gimmicks make your job easier. I just like to be clean at the end of an effect and not have to do any deck switches if I start out with a gimmicked deck rather than closing with it. I love my invisible deck, but when you do magic for people that are just itching to touch your cards, you definetly don't want to do something with a gimmick where they might grab the cards out of your hands then discover the gimmick. But, in general, I just like being clean which is why I try to steer away from using gimmicks that aren't examinable(e.g. the rising deck). The Zoom card is a great trick to do and it is examinable, for example.

    Anyway, back on topic. Rising Card Methods. Any other suggestions? I also do a pivot revelation type trick that is pretty much as effective as a rising card trick. But I still favor Marconick's Rising Aces method for rising a card because the method is so simple and the audience might realize that you are do something but won't know exactly what.
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    chris kenner has one in the one on one section. i think its called schwing. its not the pinky rise method but i think it is similar. i havnt bothered getting it but looks very similar to the pinky rise method. i would reccomend getting jeff mcbrides kundalini rising as its gimmick allows you to end clean. dan fleshmen has a nice handeling for it on the live at the jail house DVD.
  7. schwing is great.
  8. or you can use Raise Rise (Ray Kosby) as a rising card technique. At the castle, this older gentlemen (I can't remember his name) who performed 3 selected card rising from 3 different parts of the deck with that technique.
  9. I like Impromptu, but as time passes, I realize that a good Magician is not about using your pure skill with no gimmicks, but using your pure skill with and without gimmicks.

    Remember that the spectator does not know the difference. To them your impromptu tricks look Magical and they will believe that it's somehow rigged.

    The point is to entertain. The spectator does not know when it's a gimmick or not and they should never figure it out. This takes just as much skill when compared to not using gimmicks.

    Buy the Gimmicked versions and you will soon realize that it does not matter.
  10. If you want clean, I would get box monster. I've heard great stuff about it.
  11. Try the plunger method, I use it all the time and no one I have ever met has figured it out, it may be old, but it is a great method. It is basically the selected card sandwiched in between two others (the two others hang out of the bottom of the deck covering only the bottom half of the card). Then while holding the deck by the bottom to conceal the two cards, push up w/ your finger(s) (preferably the ring or pinky fingers) and the two cards sandwiching the bottom half of the selected card will push the selected card up!:cool:
  12. one really great gimmick less rising card that i have seen is similar to Fred Robinson's Ambitious Riser ( the same move Ray Kosby uses in his Raise Rise routine ) move. i don't know the name of the originator or the name of the move itself but if you do know the Ambitious Riser move then you would understand the mechanics of the move.

    you can see the move in Pit Hartling's FISM act in the following video

    he uses it to produce the 3rd ace.

    if somebody does know the name of the method or the name of the creator please do let me know.
  13. Another vote for the plunger method. It's in Expert Card Technique on page 211. It's the only rising card I do, and I modified the handling. I just use one hand and my pinky. It looks just as good to me as a lot of the others.
  14. Check out Richard Sanders method. Impromptu and uses a hanky to cover the move. Looks nice!
  15. There is a version of Aldo Colombini that is completely impromptu. but there is another version using loops by Nathan kranzo that it finishes clean because the deck can be handed out for examination
  16. I own Schwing, and recently wrote a review for it. I'm no expert on Rising Card effects, but I have a Rising Card Deck, and although the RCD looks just a tad bit better, but I like Schwing a lot better, just because it looks almost as good, and you can hand out the deck for examination at the end.
  17. you can always do the Pinky Does it card trick.. it is a card rise/float whatever you call it without gimmicks..
  18. You could, but why do that when you can buy Schwing for $4 or whatever, and do the same effect without gimmicks, but you can clearly see all five fingers of your hand, and the card can be clearly seen rising from the center of the pack?
  19. Loops work great for rising card effects. When the card rises from the deck, it can be immediatly examined.
  20. Impromptu gimmickless rising cards by THINK

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