Value of rare decks?

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  1. Bike 125s are really classy. Also, I think Staggs are really classy and cheap too.
  2. I have a couple 125's but I want something less... um... whats the word... flamboyant....? I want something really crisp and clean like D&D's. As for staggs, I can't find out what they are... do you have a link?
  3. I'm sorry, not sure where I got "stagg."

    I meant Studs lol.

    Here is a pic
  4. +1 Like, definitely.
  5. At the risk of sounding like an ass, I'll have to still say that it still looks too flourishy and that they're too busy. The D&D's just have those small bubbles, the crisp D&D, and the solid white border.
  6. You have trouble accepting my flawless logic??? do explain so I can dance logical lines around your rebuttals....
    Unless you can provide evidence that they are worth more than 50$ usd and they are not just 52 pieces of cardboard.....
    my word is absolute and must be accepted by all.....
  7. 1. Sentimental value.
    2. 54 pieces of cardboard.
  8. 1) Sentimental Value as Ashrei points out.
    2) Personal Preference. Can add a lot more in personal worth.
    3) 56 cards if you count jokers, and advertisement/gimmick card.

    Your logic is flawed. You may now self implode.
  9. Flawless logic?

    You mean to tell me you've NEVER spent money on anything, shall we call it "overpriced" since this is your argument at hand.. I mean why buy nice clothes? It's just pieces of cloth. Why pay for a nice house? It's just a roof over your head. Just because it's 52 pieces of cardboard to you doesn't make it worthless. Hell, diamonds are nothing but stones you pick up. Right down to your very own "flawless logic" money is nothing but paper, might as well burn it.

    Why stop there, why buy cards at all? Might as well go behind a supermarket and get some boxes and cut them up and use that for cards since it's just "52 pieces of cardboard."
  10. ^We are talking about cards try to keep up...

    1)I have a lot of sentimental value for this 1 dollar bill....Maybe I can sell it for 100$ it worth it? not really.....
    invalid- Sentimental value does not increase the value of the cards... it ads to sentimental value not monetary value...

    2)My dollar has sunglasses drawn on George Washington...I know someone who prefers it that way so I'm selling it to him for 100$ USD....worth it? not really...
    invalid- Like I said...there are a lot of foolish humans that are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for 52 pieces of cardboard....that fails to prove that the cards are actually worth it....

    3)Those extra cards don't count as part of the actual deck....You have trouble accepting this? play poker with those extra ad cards and jokers cant argue this....52 cards are the deck and the rest are trash cards you can live without...
    irrelevant- i was disregarding the extra stuff like the card case and cellophane....

    Flaw is like a failure....and I do not allow failure....
  11. 1. Sentimental value can add to the monetary value. For example, to me, Linkin Park concert is not worth 70 dollars to attend to, but to some it is. Does that mean they are paying too much for it? No. 50 cent pieces are actually sold for 75 cents each by the mint, but you can only use it for 50 cents. Collectors want them still. They pay the extra 25 cents (or 50% of original value). Just because it's worth more to some, doesn't mean it's same for others. To us magicians, each Morgan Silver Dollar is a Morgan Silver Dollar. To collectors, the date matters and value them differently due to rarity. Overall, we are just paying more to buy a dollar.

    2. That is a poor choice of fallacy you are using. People have different set value, meaning they are willing to pay extra for that preference. For example, leather seats in the car doesn't make that car any better, but some people pay extra for that. It just have to be within the threshold of their willingness to pay, that is all.

    3. Yes, Jokers are used in pokers. The term "Jokers are wild" exist for a reason. In current time, they are not used for pro-games to keep the odds easier to calculate, but in home games and etc, you do see them used.
  12. I'm sure you could. There's someone out there that will buy anything. So long as they think the value's worth it.

    If they think it is, who are you to say no?

    invalid- Like I said...there are a lot of foolish humans that are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for 52 pieces of cardboard....that fails to prove that the cards are actually worth it....

    Oh yes I can. You're still paying "eight" bucks for the deck. Those come in the deck when you buy it. You certainly are being charged for them, whether you use them or not.
  13. Honestly, who cares?

    I don't really think it matters what people pay for them. If someone is interested in paying 250 bucks for a deck because they enjoy collecting, then why the hell not. People are spending that kind of money for personal pleasure, collections, displays, they are cherished and kept close for many years.

    Who is anyone else to say that it's a waste? People pay a lot of money for rare stamps. Is that a waste? Maybe to some of us, but to someone, so is buying invisible thread and spongeballs. To each his own. Let people enjoy what they enjoy.

  14. Ok.... Let's play Devil's Advocate. What do YOU think would have to be on a deck of cards to make be worth 50 bucks to you? I REALLY wanna see the answer to this....
  15. If the buyer has sentiment for the object, it may raise its monetary value.

    If your friend buys it for $100, then yes, it was worth $100 to him. Are you really so dense as to not see what you're saying? Or are you arguing some kind of "intrinsic" value for material things? Things are worth what you can get for them. Someone has no trouble paying 20 bucks for a Lady Gaga CD, while I wouldn't take one for free. What's the value there, smart guy?

  16. I only hope he got to read this before he got banned. LOL.
  17. In reality, nothing is worth what it is sold for. If we are talking about physical value that is (i.e. What it cost to make).

    Value is purely based on what people will pay for it, as many others have already said.

  18. Didn't notice he was banned until I posted it!

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