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  1. Ok. What's the goal with this video?
  2. Not that I'd be crude or anything, but I'm betting it has a lot to do with showing off his skill set while not realizing how fast it bores people outside of the magic world.

    The public expects us to have dextrous skills and while there are ways & times we can deliver a short demonstration, such as we see in the Card Manipulation Acts of Cardini and classic tailed mage fame, you will find that such control has very little in way of ENTERTAINMENT value when it comes to the audience. . . magicians however, get their jollies playing with their deck . . . especially in public.
  3. I wonder if anyone will ever be able to post a video to this forum without it being immediately replied to with the wonderful comment: 'what's the point of this?'. Stop watching these videos if you don't like them!

    To Christopher: he is, as he states on his channel 'using {his} channel to share with you guys {his} cardistry and magic'. Perhaps that isnt a poignant enough goal enough for you?

    I have no interest in cardistry, but don't feel the compulsion to passive-aggresively bash the recorded outcome someone's time, practice and creativity.
    I watched the video, and the performance was smooth, and I liked the music.

    Here's an idea: why not take Steeprike's approach and actually give timestamped, (usually) constructive criticism? Or follow Craig's approach, reply to the video by objectively giving a balanced, polite analysis of what he feels the pitfalls of such videos are, whether he is correct or not (I think he is to a degree).
  4. You'll notice I didn't ask "What's the point?" I asked what the goal is. This tells me which kind of feedback is most appropriate. Does he want technical critiques? Theatrical? Is he just saying, "Hey, I made this, watch it if you want."?

    If he's just sharing, then ok. I recommend reading Steerpike's thread about making videos better as this one doesn't have a shot that identifies the artist soon enough (I didn't watch the whole thing). But if that's all he's doing, I'm not going to sit there and watch the video repeatedly in order to double check the time of each critique.

    If he wants technical or theatrical feedback, I'd be more inclined to watch it all the way through a couple times while taking notes. I don't generally break it down by time unless I'm making very specific points; I generally go more for the overall feeling and vibe of the video with specific critiques when it comes to technique which might include time stamps.

    But it's ok, I don't mind explaining why I ask this question over and over again. That's sarcasm, by the way. I don't want you to think I'm being passive aggressive.
  5. Perhaps I misread the intention behind your post, as you seem to be genuinely willing to give constructive feedback to 'card'.
    The one-line 'ok' doesn't help communicate this though.

    And thank you for pointing out your use of sarcasm, not only do you give me food for thought through your response, but you're teaching us all about the subtle nuances in tone you can convey through language, I appreciate it.
  6. It wasn't a terrible video, card, but nothing really stood out in my opinion. I would suggest trying something new, maybe finding an interesting location or doing something that we don't see every week on the t11 forums. I agree with Christopher that card should have said what his reason for posting was. If you're just using the forums to get more views, please stop. If you want us to give advice, please do more than just post a link.
  7. Great work, keep up the practice and keep those videos coming! My advice in regards to your cardistry is to try and open the displays more. Other then that great job!


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