Vapr or S.S.S

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What one do you use

  1. Vapr

  2. S.S.S

  3. Both

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  1. I have recently considered buying a smoke device. I have never owned a smoke device before. So I considered buying either Vapr or S.S.S by Shin Lim. I posted this to see what you guys think would be a good first one for me to buy and use. As well as what one you guys use??
  2. I had vapr, never actually performed with it but it was very pretty, it eventually broke on me And I couldn't be bothered replacing it.
    Also I used pure smoke, and Alan Rorrisons smoke, which is the one that suits me the most. SSS I've watched the DVD but haven't built it. Though I think current editions include the gimmicks.

    If you haven't used many smoke devices I think shin Lim or Alan Rorrisons smoke is a better starter value to get a taste for it.
  3. SSS is a Do It Yourself thing. He gives you the instructions on where to find what you need and what to do with it. If you like building your own props, go for it.
  4. Honestly I've watched countless magicians try to look cool using smoke devices, even in magic competitions, and it just comes off as being "cheesy". I've seen numerous guys have issues with their device breaking or not functioning correctly when it needed to which then caused complete embarrassment. I'm not trying to deter you; however money can be spent more wisely elsewhere.
  5. I do tend to agree with that, Rick.

    It's very easy to over do it, and the devices (while they have come a long way) are still temperamental and prone to breaking down. Of the ones on offer, if I were do use one, I'd probably go with SSS just so I could make multiple and be ready in case one breaks down.

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