Venus Fly Trap

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    I watched the trailer for venus trap by chris brown on D&D's site and it actually looks incredible.

    how practical is this and what is the difficulty on a scale of 1-10

    1 being a normal DL and 10 being a 26 shift
  2. It's the "Venus Trap"...

    You can't really compare sleights based on other sleights, that's just plain ignorant.


  3. Its like a regular 4-for-4 switch but with only 1 card. read the description of the video. So as a result, angles are knackier, and it is more difficult to complete un-noticed.
  4. You just killed the magic for me. Thank you.

    BTW, not mean to sound rude but, I remember you buying By forces Unseen and Imposslbe card magic, and yet you buy another sleight? I wonder if you are giving the other material theyre deserved place.
  5. this is a beautiful and simple sleight, but my only draw backs are the angles. Very good for 1 on 1 performing....

    The undercover switch (kostya's) is virtualy angle free and accomplishes the same thing, but what you gain from less angles is that it isn't totally impromtu.
  6. Kostya Kimlat's Undercover Switch is a beautiful move when performed smoothly, but I also recommend you checking out Doc Docherty's Groove Electric Switch. It's a dl from vanishinginc.
  7. i dont have By forces unseen
  8. I was talking about uknouwn magician ;).
  9. Can someone provide a link, i went to the website but couldn't find it :S
  10. Yeah I noticed that too. I saw it earlier but I checked again and it's gone. It's just not there anymore. Did they remove it? Was it only available for a limited time?
  11. the 1for1 switched angles arent too bad. The controls are great becayse they provide more shade to the move. This thing is so versatile, Ive already come with 2 tricks with it.

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