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  1. Yeah man, it's called the DDP (Dirty Deck Principal) lol. I just found out about it yesterday.
  2. LOL the "coincidense" actually worked as a trick another 5/6 times....WOW
    OH and i have been also using the dirty deck principle since i read it somewhere (cant remember in which book)

    And i think batman was (the dark night) was wayyyyyyyyyyyy too long ....after a point i lost interest and i have watched a lot of movies since my mother has her own video-club here in Greece
  3. Thanks Dee :)
  4. That was me
    and yes,now that I checked the card there is a slight bow in the jack that wont leave.Hence,me always cutting to it.
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    I have no respect for you now.
  6. well that's just my opinion I kinda prefer movies with a more interesting plot. Sorry to dissapoint you mate
  7. First of all, all batman is prime beef.
    second of all, as said afore, this isn't odd, one thing I've been doing at the moment is putting a card in the deck, and either grabbing it out of a spring or cutting to it, and it's not that hard, I have about a 7-8/10 success rate.

    The 'actual' skill sector of card magic is quite an interesting one. Although there aren't any books on it as such, I've always been interested in it. For example, when I first started and learnt the 2 Card Monte, I tried actually doing a switch, when you do the 'move', try actually doing it. As I say, it's great fun, when you do something, try actually doing it, it's cooler than you might think

    Tom Field

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