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  1. Well, a few weeks back a girl in my home room asked if I would be willing to perform some tricks and do an interview for a segment on our high school channel. After much debate she realzed that our school channel wouldn't be up for a while. So instead she made me her term project, which was to make a ten minute video featuring something inspriing, different, and exhilerating.

    So, we set out and began our filming starting with performances and then later the next week doing my interview. That interview was later lost, so we went an refilmed. After many technical dfficulties. Some hours after school. And many kind people willing to help out, the video was finished.

    NOTE: This video shows only a few effects and some are not very clear so pay attention. This is her project, not mine, so please don't rip on the camermen, they tried hard. Also, this isn't really about magic. It is more to inspire kids to follow their dream.

    Anyway, here it is... It is called.... Dylan Piknick, The Magic Man (A hidden talent at BHS)

    So I hope you enjoy it and hopefully you'll give me some advice and what not. Also, again, I am not completely pleased with some of the camera work but I will not complain because it was not my project to do, it was hers. I am pleased to say she got an A+.

    This will be airing on my schools TV channel in February, and is going up to a film show in New York City to be shown to people who want inspiration, many talent agents are there. Also, I own the hard DVD copy of this film.

    So thanks everyone...
    Dylan P.
  2. Wawawiwa.

    Really cool stuff there, and man - I totally didn't imagine you like that!

    I pictured you as more of a Joshua Jay - looking person.

    Great stuff though - I'll always love watching people get fooled with Ultimate Transpo ;)

  3. That was honestly pretty cool.

    I usually don't survive any video thats posted here, past the 2 minute mark. I can honestly say that was entertaining.

    I really like how your natural character is "i don't know how that happened." There was one point where you said "I'm going to let you guys try and catch me" I would stay away from that. It set up the catch me if u can scenario, when honestly you were doing the other one very well.

    Great stuff man keep it up.
  4. It made sense with the trick I was doing to go "catch me if you can", unfortunately the trick in its entirety wasn't posted.
  5. Great Job! This is proof that you can make anybody think you're as good as David Blaine.
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    yeah to piggy back on that, Dylan dude, you went hard on that know how we all like kool had one of the best reactions in magic, wether you knew it or not...when the guys said, " i had the magic happen in my hands, i feel like a magician myself"

    dude how kool is it to hear something like that....


    "the blonde criss angel"....hahaha....

    GREAT! Man, that must be an honour to have someone do that. Great magic, well played.

    The camera people and the person who edited it did GREAT jobs too! It was an overall VERY entertaining video and instantly became a favourite.
  8. I enjoyed your interview as well as your performance. It made me smile seeing these people's reactions.
  9. That's exactly how I want it to be and I get reactions like that everyday. It makes me feel very positive about what I am doing. That whole magic in the hands thing is exactly how I like it and how it is when I perform.

    "The blonde Criss Angel..." Well... that's more of an insult really.;) lol
  10. Thanks a lot man. To hear it from spectators is one thing, but when other magicians say it too... well, it must mean I'm doing something right. Thanks man.
  11. Thanks a ton man.
  12. sure you may take it as a insult, but to are a local rockstar.....its well complimented...i watch a lot of videos...some are good..some are bad...dude, that was worth watching and a personal favorite of mines....the whole quality down to the reactions and performances....the commentary was dead professional.....
  13. I don't normally comment on things but on the forums frequently but wanted to say that in the video and in the forums you are very humble. Keep that up. Don't go too big in the head. You are confident but not cocky. Keep that up.
  14. I thank you kindly Cedric. But may I ask, what do you mean when the commentary is very professional and dead on?

  15. Again, I thank you for sheelling out the time to read my post and then watch the clip.
  16. Awesome video. Keep it up.
  17. Video was nice. I liked the way you read the crowd. The things you say in the video hit home.

    I've been working on "getting out there". By that I mean walking up to people I don't know and showing a few things. I showed a crowd of about 7-9 people "5SPEED" and the reaction I got from them made me want more.

    Keep up the good work...
  18. Really good job man, both you and the camera crew.
    The tricks were well performed, you had a good relationship with the crowd and had good crowd control. I really enjoyed it, keep it up.

    Your boy,
  20. I enjoyed this very much.


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