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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dylan P., Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Really!?!?!?!!?!? Really????? I get my own ****ing avatar
  2. Yes, you deserve it.


  3. Well, can you at least get a better picture than that.
  4. No prob, done.


  5. Know what's weird??? People are going to think that it is you. LOL
  6. the talkin the interviews....i loved look like it was done by a pro production crew....
  7. They take it all very seriously. I mean we had high definiton cameras and we had a boom with a mic on it and all that good stuff.
  8. Fun watch. Nice job Dylan. Your style is a lot different than mine but it just shows that what works one doesn’t necessarily work for all, plus it’s been a long time since I've been in school.

    Note: If you want to stop being compared to Criss Angel you have to lose the Slipknot shirt:eek:
  9. First of all, I thank you.

    Second of all, Criss Angel does not wear slipknot shirts, he only wears affliction shirts.
  10. Yo guys just thought I should let you all know that this is in the Media section now. So from now on I won't really reply here in this thread. But, if you wanna drop a coment or have questions. Drop them at the video in the media section. The video is called: Magic Man
  11. I have to be honest here, you were contradictory to yourself. In the interview, you said that you need to connect and to touch them on the emotional level, but your videos show different.

    Your Chicago opener was finished in 20 seconds, it was like "And now your card is red. Let's do it one more time. Say stop, remember the card. No red card in the deck, there is one here..." and that's it. Same with the ultimate transpo...

    I just don't see how you can connect with someone on a deeper and emotional level after 20 seconds and 5 words.

    Don't get me wrong, your magic and sleights were good, and I enjoyed the video, but I think that you could do a better job overall.

    The reactions were great, but, as one of the wisest guy on the forums once said, people can react that way out of shock, not out of amazement or emotional connection.

  12. Well, unfortunately the Chicago opener was longer but they didn't put the entire clip in there. The whole first half of the trick was left out. And the ending ius quite quick for me because when I do it that way I feel through testing I get better reactions that way.

    The transpo however is fine the way it is. did you notice the man who said "there is magic that happened in my own hands. I feel like a magician myself." That means I touched him emotionally.

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