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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Robert//Livingston, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, please take some time to vote :D

    Also: For my video you may have to turn the volume up, for some reason YouTube made the audio low. So crank them speakers up, the effect isn't good without the patter ;)

    As always, I would love to hear any feedback.
  2. R//L: Nice work buddy. Few small issues with yours I wanted to point out. Shuffles were slightly sloppy, not bad but just a little sloppy. The cuts I had a much bigger problem with - laymen may not know how gamblers cut cards, but they know that it definitely doesn't look like that! You need a cleaner, one cut move there. And on that note, it occurred to me that unlike a poker demonstration, where everyone knows or assumes correctly that aces are best, not everyone would know what blackjack hands are best. Just a thought. Also, make sure you display the hidden hand for longer - I tried to look at what the hand was 3 times, and thought it was a 19! Might also be a good idea to make note of the lucky sevens 777.

    V_S: The lack of sound really hurt you buddy. I had no idea what was going on there. I still don't know what the effect you were trying to perform is. As far as I can see, it's cards magically turning face up. Which really has nothing to do with Aces. I mean, I know you're dealing yourself the Aces, but, well, the whole thing just doesn't make sense. Also, the pass wasn't good. This is a prime example of why knowing something has happened is just as bad as knowing exactly what happened. No flashing on the pass, but you could very clearly see that something had happened.

    Vote went to R//L. A few more smaller problems in general, but at least the routine was there, the story made sense, and the effect was clear.
  3. Prae - Thanks for all your advice. I just learned the gamblers cut so I figured I would use it haha. It's one of those cuts that just looks so good it must be real. As for the shuffles, a new deck of cards likes to go everywhere. I understand what you mean, I should go with something like "But I have the lucky 7's" or something.
  4. No worries mate. Well done :)
  5. I'm very sorry, but Robert//Livingston didn't show gambling effect;) Try to show it in money game))))))
    It was only card trick with gambling shuffle;)

    So, He can't be the winner of this battle.
  6. It has a gambling theme, which is good enough for me. Had the battle been a gambling demonstration, then I would agree with you.
  7. Particle - Please try telling Darwin Ortiz this isn't a gambling effect, as it is taught in the table artifice section of "Darwin Ortiz at the Card Table". There were 3 specific gambling 'moves' that I used in this effect.

    If I would have challenged him to a gambling demonstration of a certain move (ie. the bottom deal, center deal, false shuffles) then maybe my submission wouldn't qualify. If you read the title of the battle it is "Gambling Effect".

    Thank you Prae.
  8. I think that Robert has done a great job.- I agree with prae,- his shuffles were a little bit sloppy, and I'm also agree about the cuts. But overall a really good performance, and nice patter, and of cause a nice trick.
    I have one question that may sound a bit stupid...No offense but why were you sitting on the floor? There's nothing wrong with it, I'm just curious.

    I love watching anything that is gambling related, and i would love to see more of those battles.
    It has been a pleasure to watch this battle, and good luck to both of you. :)
  9. Hahaha, I'm sitting on the floor so I can have my camera up high enough to film my close-up pad :p. I can't afford a tri-pod so I pretty much ghetto-rig it as best I can.

  10. Haha. Actually i have the same problem. Yesterday i tried to film my pad, but my camera was to close, so it couldn't film the whole pad, and it's hard to get it far enough to film the whole thing. :/ Now I'm trying to solve it; I'm sure i come up with a idea soon. :)
  11. Only one more day left for voting/criticism! Thanks to everyone who has left feedback.
  12. Good job man you got my vote! The trick was allright but the fact that it had decent patter made up for any lack of trick value. Vitaly, fairly good job as well, the begining was good but i would work on the center deals and possibly talk, also the camera was shaky.

    anyhow good job both of you!

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