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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Normkonform, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Would you like someone to be honest with you so you can get better? Or do you want us all to lie, that way you can look like an a** all the time, and as a bonus, we get to laugh! You getting defensive means you know you dont practice. It also means you dont know how to listen in order to improve. I am not bashing you when I say you suck, i am being honest. I wouldnt say that had I not seen some of those videos you made before. Your improval rate has gone up exactly 0% since then. This battle system shouldnt be a way for you to boost your already big ego, it should be used to learn. But you should study and practice a lot more than get crushed in a forum. As of yet, you are useless to the magic community. And you know exactly why.

    norm has my vote, if you havent figured that yet.
  2. really? i mean really?
    XCMentalist at first i wasnt sure if u knew how to take the cards out of the box and then you drop them in the middle of your video and keep going... wtf man...
    Norm your a boss you get the vote

  3. I liked Norm's. Aside from the crotch shots, the work with the box and cards were really cool. I don't do flourishing, but it's nice to see someone younger who's really good at it. Vote.
  4. Sorry for my bad english, but can you explain the word crotch shots?

    and thank you for the good feed back to my video^^
  5. Haha, this is trippy to explain. A Crotch shot is where the camera is placed in a way that someones groin area is... highly visible to the audience. Which isn't always pleasant. Your was less severe compared to others I've seen on Youtube.
  6. ahhh okay i got it :D

    ohh just by the way I'm doing magic quite longer than flourishing.
  7. well your a f**king beast at flourishing :)
  8. first everybodey have to shut up.
    secound i do xcm since april this year and nobody of you knows how long i practice this stuff so, this is for everyone who said i should more practice: ,, Shut up!!!!!!! ''.
    I practice every day and thats every time ok? maby you are do this **** longer then me what ever i do my thing and you do yours.
  9. You're not listening. It really doesn't matter how much you practice. The fact is that your videos are below par. That's it. If you practice a lot that's great; that just means that maybe you should wait a bit longer until you perform stuff or make videos of it.

    I'm a mentalist; I may practice a technique every day for 5 hours a day for a month, but if it's not ready to perform, it doesn't matter how much I've practiced, it's just not ready. If I don't know my script or I don't remember that stack perfectly, it's just not ready.
  10. Normkonform.... wow... after watching the first video, I didn't have too high hopes for this battle, but yours was outstanding! Although the backgrounds and stuff could've defenitly been better, the flourishing was fantastic! My jaw actually dropped when your video started, I loved it!

    Now, XCMentalist, please. Everyone here is trying to help you, though some might have been quite harsh, pretty much all of what they said was true. Now I won't go along with the whole "you suck" thing, because I think that's a bad way to put it, but you must practice more. No matter how much you already practice, you still need to practice. You said you started in April, that's really no time at all. I've been doing flourishing for only around 6-7 months now, and I know that I'm defenitly not a great flourisher, but I keep practicing. Really, it should be about how much you enjoy doing it, not how good you are at it. Please, just try to listen to people when they are trying to help you.
  11. Why? Because you don't like what you're hearing? Because you know it's all true?

    Then why the hell are you already making videos?

    no, I don't know how much you practice, and that doesn't matter, the point is that you didn't practice enough

    I don't flourish much, and I'm not saying I'm better at it than you, but skill has NOTHING to do with this, this is about you putting out half-assed videos.

    so basically you're saying "I put up this video for critique, and even though that's what I'm getting, I don't care what you say. If I don't want to practice, I won't."?

    Listen, if you are not going to listen to our advise, do yourself a favor and STOP MAKING VIDEOS!!! Magic and flourishing are supposed to be enjoyable, you're ego isn't making this very fun for anyone.
  12. yes maybe i over reacted a little bit to much but if somebodey say i have to practice mor i'm going to be very angree and i hate that.I like to do battles on this site and if i lose what ever.I have fun on this site and every day i'm going to be i just have fun.
  13. Listen, if you are not going to listen to our advise, do yourself a favor and STOP MAKING VIDEOS!!! Magic and flourishing are supposed to be enjoyable, you're ego isn't making this very fun for anyone.[/QUOTE]

    oh you think so then f*** you !!!!!!!
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    That was double-plus suck.

  15. I'm not sure exactly what you're trying to say here, but using your big-boy language isn't making you look better at all. You really need to learn how to take criticism.

    Please explain why you take needing to practice more as an insult. We are trying to help you.

    That's not the point. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, the point is that the video you submitted was half-assed.
    That's great that you have fun, I am genuinely glad that you have fun on this site. But it's at fun at all for us to watch your videos.

    Not unless you take advise from people who know what their talking about. If you keep insisting on swearing and acting like a child, you are not going to advance in the art at all.

    You know what? something I have not seen anyone on here say yet, is that you need to practice well, now I'm not saying that you don't, but remember, if you practice badly, you will perform badly, if you practice well, you perform well.

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