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Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Normkonform, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Hey guys.
    This is my very first post :D

    The battle between XCMentalist and me is now ready to vote, so please decide who's the better artist of us.

    sorry for my bad English.

    Thanks to everybody for voting :)
    (You'll get a free virtual hug if you vote for me ;) )
  2. and if you vote for me you get virtual 2 hugs :D :p
  3. Dude, you need to stop doing battles, it shows that you do not practice, the editing was horrible and I hated the bad porno music track that you had in the video.

    Practice please.
  4. are you normal in your brain is it your problem how much i practice? do you know how much i practice? So
    Shut up!!!!
    and that music is an audioswap by youtube it wasn't my music ok?
  5. I dont care, if you practice or not practice, IT DOESNT SHOWS, man, you suck, post a video or a battle when you actually are smooth or have the moves down, for the sake of my sight, so much bad stuff almost left me blind.
  6. pfff your words as the same **** as in your head if you think your soooo good make a battle against me.and oh befor i forget it
    **** YOU !!!!!!!!!!!
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    @XCMentalist man you are bad you must practice harder then, you say you do practice but it doesn't show

    And man Normkonform he just smashed you in the battle..Normkonform you are indeed a 1000000 times better than XCMentalist
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    Man, I havent posted any cardistry video because my flourishes arent in the level I want them to be, but sure, any time man, just send me a challenge, O I already have sent you like 2 battles in the past, wich you ignored :rolleyes:.

    I love you too.

    EDIT::// Now that I think about it, im not going to lower myself to battle you, thankfully I know I can back up my words with actions, thing that you lack.

  9. He's trying to help you. How do you think you'll improve without taking criticism? Man, people like you just kill me.
  10. xcm you need to calm down emmotionally exploding do too a liitle criticism is pretty gay and besides you and everyone else knows that RDchopper is right i mean look at you video i can't believe you posted a video where you dropped cards is it really that hard to re-shoot that one scene?

    instead of giving crapy comments over forums thinking your cool why don't you put some effort into your videos to avoid this incident again.
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    XCMentalist, the editing was annoying, and all flourishes were choppy and unpracticed (not saying the were, just saying that's what it looked like) I hated all of those negative flashes, and the stills before flourishes screwed up the pace.

    XCMentalist, even tough you have an awesome username, my vote went to Normkonform

    Edit: Forgot something I wanted to say; hold your displays for longer, you held the Werm and Lethal X for about a half a second, displays are meant to be, displayed.
  12. what do you actually want . You are just say some **** at something you don't know.I got an message for all of you :
    shut up and look at your own fingers ok?
    and RDChopper we can also make a magic live well everybodey
  13. Im waiting for you to do the same

    If you think that the battle forums is to brag about your skills or about proving yourself to the world, you have a problem man.

    Practice son, see ya later.
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    Hey guys!
    Get down please. That's why I usually dislike battles. Cardistry isn't something to fight with or to defend your honor.....we all should enjoy our wonderfull hobby. Please don't tell XCMentalist that his video is bad, just tell him what do you think he should improve, to help him on his way to an artist.
    All these arrogant guy's that bash beginners (and everybody was one sometime ago) because they don't remember their beginnings in cardistry, are destroying the art form. I just hate guys lwhich call a beginner a noob or a looser, or maybe to tell him to stop doing this artform, just to feel better because you're so ''skilled''.
    And now...please don't challenge me for a battle, because that would mean you didn't understand a word of this post.....I hope you show me that you did.
    I don't want to annoy you, I just want you to think about what we're doing.
    Just sit back, vote for your favourite and relax.

    Cheers Norm

    ps.:Don't want to know how many grammar and spelling mistakes are in this post.

    Edit :
    Hey dude what do you think. I also could never understand the meaning of this battle thing. Please tell me for what they were made.
  15. Obviously you dont know me man, I never called him a loser, or a noob, I mean Im actually happy to see people that like cardistry, what bothers me is this:

    We already told this guy in the past that he really needs to practice, to work his flourishes and so on, he didnt listen.

    We are taking our time, to see your videos to criticise them, and to help you guys to improve, just as you guys give me critics to improve because (and I have made a big emphasis on this on the past) Im in no way a pro in either cardistry or magic, thats why I havent even posted videos of me flourishing because as I said earlier in this thread, im not in the level that I want to be, and thats why I still practice.

    I actually respect you because, altought your editing and settings in wich you flourished were pretty generic, you actually showed us that you actuallly practice and that you take your time with your flourishes, I respect that.

    Now, I think you just ignored XCMentalist posts, but you will kinda get the idea of why my later posts were a bit more angrier.

    But if you read my first post all what I asked for was practice. Only that.

    I dont care if you hate me or like me, I just wanted to leave that point clear.
  16. yea I just looked a little closer at this story and deleted it from my post. I'm sorry for this , but now idlike to know what do you think is the goal of the battle area.
    and please forget what I said earlier.
  17. Sadly, most people in here believe that if they make it into the top 10 that will prove that they are the best stuff in town.

    Other people are so confident about their skills that they usually provoke other people in the forums just to battle and own them and that is also sad.

    Then there are these people that love to get their ego boosted so there you go another reason of why a lot of people battle.

    As for me, I have learned a lot through battles,for example, I love billiard and when I was practicing (obviously you need a oponent in order to make yourself better, since there is no point in playing alone) I asked one of the pro's some tips to get better, his reply was " even if you lose, always try to play against people that are better than you, most likely you will lose, but playing with someone better than you will push yourself to give the best that you can give."

    Thankfully, I have been in some pretty decent battles(and Im not talking about my videos, im talking about the other guy submissions) and its great to receive critics and tips on how you could improve either your performance or your sleights. In a personal opinion I have learned a lot, and I have seen pretty good battles where creativity its at his best and the edition and all those little things like that are great.

    Thats why in way I get so dissapointed when I see unpolished routines, or sloopy and card dropping flourishes with bad edition, I mean I hope you understand my point man.
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    Yes I understood your point, but I think different. But I think we should stop discussing here before it gets too OT.:D
    so enjoy our videos......And don't forget my free virtual hug ;)
  19. XCM...Dude...You're killing me...

    I'm sorry, but throwing a box of cards into the air isn't flourishing, all your flourishes were sloppy and unpracticed, the music was annoying, and the entire video was a crotch shot. PLEASE PRACTICE BEFORE YOU POST A VIDEO!!! We have given you advice before, and we are giving you advice now. RD told you to practice, and you use your big-boy language to defend yourself, why would you even battle if you didn't want criticism?

    Normkonform, your video was as well filled with crotch shots, but at least you practiced your flourishes. There were a couple in there that needed work, but it was overall better.

    And we aren't bashing anybody. We are giving criticism, there is a big difference.

    I voted for Norm.
  20. There is no substitute for mediocrity, eh?

    Learn to accept criticism XCM. RD can be harsh, yes, but it's because you've been given advice and you're not following it, and as a result, your video is simply not very good. If you've been practicing a lot, then maybe you need to find other ways to practice. Or maybe you need to reconsider how much a lot actually means.

    Whatever the circumstance, the fact remains that the quality of your video remains unacceptably poor. We spend time practicing our art. I know how much RD has tried to raise the standards of this forum, by his own efforts, no less. It's not just idle talk, he's backed up what he says. This has nothing to do with RD though, or how good he is, or how much you practice. Quite simply, the quality of your video is lacking.

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