W:H Twisting Arm Illusion

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Bernard Brandon, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. On W:H's Montage at the end of the video is that Joe Russel's "Disjointed" he performed or was that his own twisting arm illusion he devised? When he dislocated his arm and then cracked it back into place which was awesome cause you can hear it:p
  2. hey bro I think its joe russel one because he just put his name on the credits.. not sure.. I hope W:H answer this question himself :)
  3. Hmm? Where did you see this?
  4. It looked like he just did a modified Shinkoh's twisting arm not Disjointed. If you had the twisting arm dvd you would see how to make the sound as well.
  5. The sound that W:H made when he was performing to me sounded like a sound effect. I could be wrong, also it sounded like a crushing can, but hey what can you do about it.

  6. Its on youtube, just search for Wayne Houchin and you'll see the title UNREAL MONTAGE.

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