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  1. That is a good point maybe I just need to do more research. Which is why I created this thread. I have picked some things that I like but most of them have some horrible set up or another deck or some weird prop. So I just needed some material for when I have a longer gig.

    I will look up John Carey and jokers wild they sound interesting :)
  2. I just watched that! Good shout! Thanks I need more of these recommendations. There is so much out there I don't know what is good anymore!
  3. Shoot, Double Exposure looks good. I've put off learning a fan for a long time, because no matter how much I've tried I can't seem to get the knack. Maybe now is the time.
  4. No problem! I had a lot of trial and error when it comes to trying to get my card material together for walk-around.
    A few DVDs that got me enough card material for walk-around.

    Lee Smith's Step System vol 1 and 2

    *This gets my HIGHEST marks* Matthew J. Dowden's Party Animal (this one is a 2 DVD set), it has a Chicago Opener, Anniversary Waltz, Cards to Pocket, , all meant for walk around. You cannot go wrong with this DVD. It gives you enough card material to do walk-around gigs..
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  5. There is advice to learn Double Exposure, I do this trick a lot, even have a Youtube video of doing "street magic" with it. But it's not great for ALL situations you are in so it's a good stand by trick to have practiced and ready to do when you are in the right situation. If I was hired for cocktail hour and I learned Double Exposure and there were people all around me I wouldn't want to get into that trick. So learn your reliable, surrounded plots first.
  6. Just remember to think from the laymen's perspective. A sandwich and a triumph are kind of the same trick to someone who isn't versed in the terminology. A card is located in a surprising way. When you think about it, Triumph is just a big sandwich - the selected card face up between two face down packets.
  7. My two penneth....This is something that can take months, years, what suits on magician will not suit another. You may take 5 effects, but do two tables and find its not getting the response. It does not mean the trick is bad, some people might not like card tricks, can become disheartening. Best effects are in spectators hand, or make them the magician. Don't make it all about you, look what I can do real off half dozen flourishes blahh blahh. Personally I hate show offs.....Just be versatile don't think of just cards, look at coins, cups balls, ropes, rubber bands etc..
    Get the sleights down smooth, look at alternatives, if they pick a wrong card, if I mess up what are my outs, what patter do I put with it.....have I rehearsed it well enough to over come this.
  8. I like gimmicks and special decks as well. But I don't like opening with those. For all they know, I may not have any real skills and the cards are doing everything. The same decks one may buy from a magic kit at Toys R Us. I'd like them to think I'm great at sleight of hand instead of look, it's real magic.

    I just did some card tricks for some new people who have never seen me. I like to do as many tricks in a row using a selected card, so it looks like one long card effect instead of several Pick a card effects.

    I set up my deck and started with an ambitious card routine, it jumped to the top 3 times. From there I transitioned into a card transpo - the one Daniel Madison teaches in his Dangerous + Motion DVD, I don't know what its called. It's much like the basic one instead the spectators are hit with Two WTF moments.

    Then they asked to shuffle, cut and they hit me with let me see the deck. Well knock yourself out, I don't care how the deck looks like, I have nothing to hide (I'd be F'ed if I had gimmicks in there or it was a special deck). I then did my own variation of the Biddle trick and there's that.

    After they have warmed up to me, and the deck has been checked do I bring out any gimmicks or special decks.
  9. And??? whats the reference?
  10. What do you mean?
  11. There's one where spectator karate chops a couple of cards and their card magically reaches there...then you can always do the "Is it your card?" ( may the force be with you ;-) ).
  12. I know I'm late to the party. my personal go to walk around effects are oldies but goodies.

    Card to pocket
    - I have a 15 minute routine with this, basically make the card jump all over the place, with it ending on their person :)

    Ambitious Card
    - just a classic

    TT routine
    - not only do I carry sugar with me for my tea but I always have a TT lol
  13. I really appreciate all the advice and the help guys. I love that so many have replied. I checked out 'Party Animal' and my magic got better over night. It is awesome.

    Any other DVD's, Books or single effects that you guys have found particularly useful for moments when you haven't got a table?
  14. Angle Z. Buy the DVD, it is applicable to soooo much.
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  15. Thanks man!
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  16. I agree with the Angle Z purchase. If you want to to stay with DM then I would go with The Advocate it is a great all around effect. I would also start figuring out how to use a TT it is such a great utility and should not be underestimated. For example, the salt trick with a TT is also usable with sand or liquid. Your imagination is the limit with the TT.
  17. I would also like to add Odyssey to this list. It looks like a one way trick, but it truly is a utility device. It is one of the best products out there.

    I was about to ask you this on another thread, but here seems as good as any: On a scale from 1 - 10 how easy is it to make? Also, is it a comfortable carry?
  18. If you are talking about the Advocate then I would say that on a scale of 1 - 10 how hard is it to make? about a 1 haha. comfort for me is really comfortable and normal. It is a great utility, I don't like to be bogged down by many items but I do carry the Advocate around with me.

    If you were talking about a TT to make it is a 0 just go buy one. comfort is a very comfortable and takes up no space at all. :)
  19. Oh lol I was talking about the adovocate. I don't see how one can make a TT, and if they did, I'm sure it would cost more than $3 (price of a TT). Thanks!
  20. Two words: Greg. Wilson.
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