Wayne Houchin's Invisible Palm

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  1. :)Hi guys

    maybe this has been asked before but...

    Where i can learn the invisible palm from Wayne?

    Please help... i kinda know the method but i wanna polish it and make it perfect


    Good Luck
  2. Its actually in Art of Astonishment.

    Search the ellusionist forums for invisible palm wayne houchin or soemthing like that. They'll give you the exact page.
  3. its also performed in reel magic quarterly 3. but i like w:h patter alot better.
  4. I would suggest starting with Paul Harris' AoA series, or look into the work of Larry Jennings.
  5. It's taught in Art of Astonishment, and it's not an effect created by Wayne. But I believe Wayne used different patter. Not 100% sure. It's one of my favorite effects. I love it.

    Anthony Bass
  6. I love the invisible palm routine! I also likes wayne's take on the invisible palm routine, it has really given me some good ideas.
  7. Paul Harris - Art Of Astonishment
    Volume 3 - Page 227

  8. The Invisible is sexy. Mondo Nifty Invisible Palm is just plain sex. PH is the man. If you see him, hug him.
  9. The original "Invisible Palm" or "Open Travellers" was created by Larry Jennings or Ed Marlo. There has been a lot of arguement about who came up with it originally was but it sure wasn't Paul Harris and it sure wasn't Wayne Houchin.

    EDIT: Not to put anyone down of course. Both WH and PH rock and I love AoA!
  10. For all those who are interested in the roots of this trick and its many variations and handlings.

    Larry Jennings created his effect and many claim that his is the best. You can find it on Jennings '67, it teaches 8 different versions by him.
    You can also find it in Classic Magic by Larry Jennings.

    # Mike Powers' Book, Powerful Magic
    # Bill Malone on the Loose Volume 4 (DVD)
    # Chris Kenner published a solid version in his book, 'The Right Stuff'. His routine is entitled, The Invisible Palm Surprise

    # Bernard Bilis has a great version on his old Stars of Magic Video
    # Open travellers from Alton Sharpe's Expert Card Mysteries

    # There is one version called "Las Vegas Aces" at Hocus Pocus Magic
    # Paul Harris's AOA 3 book has 2 nice variations in; Invisible Palm Aces and Mondo Nifty Palm Aces. (WH Version)

    Hope this helped.


  11. Also, Martin Nash has a really clean and efficient handling of this routine on his Very Best of Martin Nash video series, which I believe L&L put out. Volume 2, if I'm not mistaken.

    On it, he calls the routine his take on "Jennings's Open Travellers," so I always assumed it was Larry's.

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    Oh my god, I think arvindj227 just made me blind, as the color of your text ... doesn't make it easier to read, thats for sure.

  13. David Stone has one with a kicker in his Vol.1 dvd
  14. I adore Rune Carlsen's (a Norwegian magician) version. Go http://www.rune.no/videoklipp/ and click on "Invisible Palm" at the bottom. It is really beautiful. The patter's not the greatest, biut the handling is great.

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