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    So... until couple of months ago, I usually used dollar store decks that were tiny and not really known and stuff... But later, I got more particular... so I bought several bicycle decks. I live in Canada by the way. So, it looks good, says poker on the box (I assumed it meant poker size), and it was the biggest deck yet. So I thought everything was cool. However, I discovered that on the internet and [Link removed by moderator - Exposure Site]
  2. I see edited by a mod and I’m not quite sure where this is going. Is there an actual weird problem or is this thread donezo.
  3. Yeah... there is a problem... My standard bike decks... sometimes seem smaller compared to bikes I see used on the internet... How big are bikes supposed to be?
  4. Yes... My bike cards, which are supposed to be normal size (they are bought in regular stores) seem normal. But I see on the internet that other bikes look bigger in people's hands... how big are bikes supposed to be?
  5. If I remember correctly (used a search to verify...

    Standard/Poker Size (the ones most people use): 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches
    "Jumbo"/Large Size: 3.5 in by 5 in? Maybe 3.5 by 5.25 in? Regardless they are pretty big.
    Bridge Size: 2.25 in by 3.5 in (the same height as standard cards, but the width is smaller. A bridge card is as wide as the gap between the borders on a standard card)

    Put in a few pics of the box to let us see if your still worried :)
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