Weirdest things you carry?

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  1. What are some of the craziest things you carry with you, ya know the stuff that would make people think you were crazy if they knew you carried it?
  2. a deck of cards:p
  3. Well...

    People always give me weird looks when i pull out of deck of cards, they think it's a weird thing to carry yet almost all magicians carry a deck with them where ever they go. Other than that the weirdest thing I carry is rubber bands.
  4. thread. (word count)
  5. deck of cards, paper clips, rubberbands, guitar picks, drum key, tuning fork, real fork, coins from everywhere, sharpie, multi purpose tool, headphone converter, metronome - im a musician okay!, origami paper, x-acto knife and them some. i usually have all this with me in my pockets. i have big pockets
  6. Some everyday carry around items for me include carebears, light bulbs, snowglobes, dog biscuits, popcorn kernels, tape, ketchup, empty salt shakers, air freshners, a Dasani waterbottle filled with Purrell Hand Sanitizer (can't get enoough), and barbies.

    But in all seriousness sometimes when people ask me to show them a trick and I pull out cards they are like "What?", "Why do you have cards?", "Really like magic don't you?", "Always prepared?", etc.
  7. my pockets..uh....guitar picks, a shapie, a deck of cards..and a pendant. sometimes a modded pen for pen spinning
  8. Sponge balls, Rope, A Deck of Cards, Coins from various countries, Silks, A Wand, A Sharpie, Another Deck of Cards, A Packet Trick Wallet, Thread, Rubber Bands, Bent Coins, Another Deck of Cards, Another Sharpie... The list goes on.

    - Sean

    P.S. The above is not my real pocket stuff, I was playing around. Really all I carry are the following:

    Deck of Cards, Digital Dissolve, Sharpie, A Bent 5p and the page for Between the Lines. :)
  9. A deck of cards (occasionally two), a sharpie, pendrive, almost new biro and my house key (can't imagine why...)!
  10. I get weird looks when I pull out a fake thumb with a pencil lead jammed in the end.

    Makes no sense!

    -Sam H
  11. I was at a concert in D.C. about 2 weeks ago. I got patted down at the door, the guy doing it wanted to see my cards and looked over them for a few minutes and was extremely suspicious, he asked why I had them and why he'd never seen these types of cards before. I told him I did magic and those cards are a little difficult to find. He asked about the paperclip on my pocket as well and I told him it was a coin clip.

    I'd never been looked over so such within such a short period of time...
  12. My family moved into a new house last year. We used to know the two people who owned it. The two people were very old. 6 years ago the man who owned this house died of cancer. last year, before we bought the house, his wife was sent to a nursing home. When we moved in we found a Silver ring with letters on it. (Real Silver.)

    We asked our neighbors, my best friends parents, if they knew who it belonged to. Turns out that the ring was the guys Engagement ring. The guy that dies 6 years ago I mean.

    I always wear it around.

    I also carry decks, a rabbit in my hat, and a loaf of french bread to beat people with. Just kidding. But the ring thing and the cards are true.

    Dylan P.
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    toilet paper when doing parkour ( sweat )

    reeses !

    ---!00th Post yay--
  14. I always have a deck of card and an extra pair of shoes (in cas someones chalenge me to a game of poker and then a basketball game). I also have an old picture of my grand father doing a fan in my wallet.
  15. sometimes a dove or two in my pockets. you know just in case.
  16. deck of cards, couple Morgans, my morgan money clip for a reveal, cell phone, sharpies and pen, business card holder, keys and usually a notepad. OH the one thing most people are most confused about is the silk i carry in my breast pocket. as common place as it used to be a couple decades ago people are shocked to see one these days

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