WH Transpo | Justin Miller


Jan 11, 2008
WH Transpo by Justin Miller

Card Magic | Easy | Download | 36 min. | $15 | http://wtfnolimits.com/

"The transposition plot just got thicker!"

2 cards are freely selected, signed if you wish, and then lost in the deck. With the snap of the spectator's fingers, one card jumps back on top of the deck, spectator#1's card. Their card is then placed and sandwiched in their hands face-down. The deck is given to spectator#2 and is asked to imagine their card face-down in the deck, and when they spread, one card does indeed turn face-down. The card is then, with no cover, levitates and while in mid air changes to spectator#1's card in a flash. But when spectator#1 turns the card over in her hand, it happens to be specatator#2's card.

The breakdown?

JM's teaching comes off as direct and informative. If you own any of his other material, JM's teaching can be summarized in one word-FIRST CLASS!

Quality was top notch, no problems here, as it feels as if you're 1-on-1 with JM, but that could be said for about every one of WTFNoLimit's products.

The routine itself is perfectly choreographed and every move is motivated and the script is superb-pure excellence.

JM describes this as one of his "...babies." and I can see why. I love the psychological touches JM throws in to all his products, as you'll always be 2 steps ahead of the spectators. The levitation color change has that 'WTF!' reaction to it and it's just sheer beauty when done right. The multiple climaxes, which seems to be a pattern in all of WFT's products, are all [second] blows to the head- it's here, there, and here again and then it's there. A simple effect that frys the spectator's minds.

The verdict?

Seeing how most of WTFNoLimit's products are inexpensive, informative, real world, practical material from their repertoire, I have one word to say:

Aug 27, 2008
Tijuana bC
cant't see the vid... there web site is a mess you cant click on the banners? all I see is like a dinner or something with the name of the trick.. but cant click in any of the banners :S can you pass the link of the vid...?


Jan 11, 2008
The levitation wasnt edited out, its just the static levitation from DG i hope JM gave DG credit. Other than that its a pretty basic transpo

Yes, JM does gives FULL credit to DG! The levitation is pretty basic, and what I meant was they edited out the demo to show the basics of the 'WH Transpo', but also not trying to 'expose' the entire routine, as some magicians will try to reconstruct it from viewing.
Hey hector,
What exactly are you having trouble with?
And what operating system are you watching it on?

Sorry to intrude but the Operating System has nothing to do with the displaying of a Webpage. A better question would be what browser he is using and remember everyone Internet Explorer is evil, get Safari or Mozilla.

Also i couldn't say it was a magician fooler, although there were stuff edited out so i can't really make a jist of everything that is going on.

Mar 26, 2009
doesnt look like anything too special, but i'd have to see the whole routine to know for sure. I have total faith in JM's material and I LOVE "autograph" and perform it all the time, but this doesnt seem to have that special sauce that JM normally puts into his products
May 3, 2008
This has seriously become one of my new go-to effects. It's really simple and only requires 2 or 3 sleights that are really easy. It's got no set-up whatsoever so it's great for on the spot. It's got a lot of different climaxes and phases that build up until they realize that their cards have switched. This effect contains:
-an ACR
-an inversion
-a levitation
-a color change
-and a transposition
All of that is impromptu. And also, everything in the effect is accounted for leaving no funny moves or anything.

It's really great and I highly recommend it.
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