What are the best no setup street magic card tricks?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by jedijames, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Hello.
    I own many magic tricks but many of them need gimmicks or need a big setup.
    Could you help me with finding the best steet magic effects that require no setup and no gimmicks.
    Maby you guys could help to crate the biggest ungimmicked no setup list of card tricks in this forum .:)

    Hope you can help.:D
  2. buy Royal Road to Card Magic

    teaches tricks with only a deck of cards, and is one of the best books ive ever read on card magic (i dont read that much BTW)
  3. Have a look in Aaron Fisher's The Paper Engine, you'll find a lot of nice effects there, most of which probably can be performed on the street.
    Also, I advice you to check out the following books for other street gems:

    Drawing Room Deceptions by Guy Hollingworth. (The Waving The Aces II routine is just PERFECT)

    By Forces Unseen - The innovative card magic of Ernest Earick by Stephen Minch (again, some super-neat routines, and a lot of them works in the hands, on the street)

    Every set of lecture notes by Dan and Dave Buck

    Everything Lee Asher

    Hm. And yeah, those are just some suggestions, then, again, my personal favourites.
  4. Biddle Trick. Simple, no set up, and has great potential.

    Hope this helps
  5. Stigmata - W:H
    Indecent - W:H
    Sinful - W:H
    ACR - Lots of people

    Them are my fav street effects.
  6. Ninja 1 and 2. From ellusionist

    Takes a bit of work to do well. But it is an amazingly great pass and it is very useful.

    Say you screw up on a force. Bs a bit and just move to ninja. That easy.

    Ambicious card routines.

    I Highly reccomend 2 card monte. Yes it uses set up but it takes about 2 seconds.
  7. Two card monte (Not the one Criss Angel has in his book). Although I fix the cards in a way that makes it more amzing.
  8. Any simple double lift routine like "My favorite Opener" by Bill Malone. Then Biddle Trick or Body Guards by Jay Sankey. Body Guards has the same effect but the selected card goes from inside the middle a four of a kind packet and ends up in your pocket.
  9. Then I say you need to practice more. =)

    2 Card Monte is a nice effect, but it is gaffed, as you all should know.
    However, the effect you are referring to, "Be Honest, Which Is It", by Eddie Fetcher, is a very sweet effect indeed.

    Yes, I am a credits-freak, and I hate that people miscredit things, and/or don't do their thorough research work. I am hoping people start crediting effects even when mentioned in posts. Wouldn't that just make it SO MUCH EASIER for everyone to see which effect you refer to?

  10. 2 card monte, or at least, there are a lot of variations that are not gimmicked
  11. Thank you for you help.:)
    I acctually have Ninja 1 + 2 but I would like more ways.
    Also I don't like the tricks on the Ninja series.
    What do you think.
    I think the best video made by ellusionist so far is the ambitious card DVD.

    I also like card transpositions.
    But I hate having dublicates in my deck.
    Hope you will post many more no setup tricks:)
  12. Oi oi oi you cant tell me you never mess up on a classic force!

    Sheesh man.

    Riffle forces are impossible to mess up on or anyother cut force. But fan forcing or classic forcing is just so.. so.. Iffy. If you will.

    And i always new it as 2 card monte.
    i have known it as that before criss became popular.

    So sorry if thats a problem to you.

    SO here.

    2 card monte, 2 card monte, 2 card monte
    *Hope this drives you nuts*

    ha ha =P
  13. I think you should look into some of jay sankeys tricks on penguin.

    *What ever happened to him?*
  14. Stigmata or Renegade are two really simple and easy no setup tricks. They get great reactions too.
  15. I like Acr, Biddle and That's it(with my little added kicker at the end)
  16. No, I don't tell you I don't mess up on a classic force. Then again, I pretty much never use a force.

    Of course you always knew it as 2 Card Monte, that is what people started calling it based on David Blaine's 1997 TV performance, as he used the " I'm gonna use 2 cards, not 3 cards " presentation.

    However, the actual effect was published by Eddie Fetcher years earlier, under the name mentioned above. =)

    You hope to drive me nuts with miscrediting? Grow up.

  17. Card Across
    Hand To Mouth
    Time Machine
    Back In Time
    Ambitious routine

    All impromptu stand up card tricks

  18. If you have time, just do your ACR for them. I like using Daniel Garcia's Ego Control for many effects
  19. Stigmata by Wayne Houchin
    Only Four by Daniel Garcia - You might need to be in a bar or a pool hall for this to be smooth.
    Blindsided by Oz Pearlman - You only need three odd backed which you can get rid off perfectly and if you keep them entertained, they won't even wanna check the pack. I mean, after all, you are spreading the cards at the end.
  20. Ouch :confused: i was just joking.


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