What are the best no setup street magic card tricks?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by jedijames, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Ambitious Card
    Indecent by WH
    Stigmata by WH
    Biddle Trick
    Two Card MonteCardivores by Jay Sankey [You need duplicates though]
    Among the Discards [Search it on youtube. You'll find some performances]
    A Good Transposition
    Anything of the Bucks
    There's some stuff.
  2. Whoa... there's far too many to give a full list, but i'll give you the name of some of the ones I think are good that meet your criteria.

    So all these require nothing more than a single deck of cards- No set-up (unless done right infront of them)- No gimmicks- No Gaffs

    WarpOne- Card warp style routine - available on DVD

    Thought of cards across- As name suggests - available as booklet or download

    FU2- T&R effect - available from 1337 notes

    ReinCARDnation- T&R effect - available on DVD

    Catalyst- Card transposition - available from Magic in the Real World by Peter Harrison

    Ambition Impossible- A great end to an ACR routine - available from Magic Redefined notes by Sean Fields

    Lapse- Card transposition - available from ONE notes by Daniel Madison

    Card to Shoe- As it sounds - availble from many sources but I like the one found in Simply Devestating by Michael Paul

    Smoke Rings- Linking card effect - available from David Forrest

    Diplopia- Thought of card routine - available as a download

    Tivo 2.0- card transposition - available from Dan and Dave

    Hand to Mouth- Card to mouth effect - available from Dan and Dave

    Queens- A routine which has four queens vanish one by one and then reappear - available from Dan and Dave

    Card to pocket- As it sounds - Various sources but Gregory Wilson has a great ine on his In Action DVD set, James Brown also has a great one on his Still Fancy a Pot of Jam? DVD

    Card Under Watch- As it sounds - Various sources but I like James Browns from Still Fancy a Pot of Jam? DVD

    Psychological forces- Card forces and reveals - Various sources

    Thats some for now, hope this helps
  3. Although the original by William Goodwin is published in Penumbra #8 from 2004. That is a magazine published by Goodwin and Gordon Bean, btw.

    But, I do prefer Dan's handling for the effect, because of the production, really. And the last vanish, Chad's shift. *Droool*

    Although he doesn't teach that on the DVD. Meh.

    As for psychological forces, as John here suggests, Derren Brown have a few good ones on his "The Devil's Picturebook" DVD and his Pure Effect (which sadly is OOP) book.


    Oh, and, Mr. Garret, sarcasm and irony and otherwise joking is quite difficult to catch over the internet. My apologies if I came across as unnecessarily harsh.
  4. thank you so much for your help.
    I will try to get some of your suggestions.
    Do you know a online magic store that has much stuff in one place?
  5. Well, for books, which are by far my favourite medium;

    H&R Magic Books.

  6. www.magic.org
  7. Biddle trick - One of my favourite all time tricks. I plug it everywhere. It's just SO impossible if it's done right. Gets some of my best reactions.

    ACR - If you have a good ACR, your spectators just ooze astonishment at the end and you get bucketloads of respect, which is important if you're street performing alot.
  8. Check out the trilogy...a lot of those tricks require zero setup and if there is setup, its nothing you cant do walking down the street or infront of the spectators.
  9. A good pass, and nice card stunt skills, you have gold.

    Long distance spinners are eye hazards, Btw.
  10. probably already mentioned...Biddle, simply stunning and simple, impromptu card trick using very little sleights.
  11. The Paper Engine is WAY too advanced for anyone wanting to learn some "street magic" tricks (with all due respect to the poster). Most of Lee's (except the routine he is going to release here and "The Ripper") stuff is too advanced also and will just bring any beginner's confidence level down because he won't be able to nail the effects.

    Think about it; do you honestly expect more than 1% of all magicians to spend months perfecting the Gravity Half Pass or Pulp Friction?

    As for what I would suggest for "Street Magic" effects:


    1. Stigmata
    2. Purchase and read The Royal Road to Card Magic


    1. Dissolve (sold here)
    2. The New Modern Coin Magic - J.B. Bobo

    Good luck!
    ~Magically Dave
  12. Lets see...

    Ones i love to use,
    Biddle - its an ideal transpo effect, and its open to hundreds of different styles of presentation.

    Cards Across - If you build this up enough, get the spectator to put a packet in their pocket or something, it can get wild reactions

    A nice quick ACR

    Waving the Aces

    Card to mouth - I have two of these in my repetoire. The Buck Twins version of the quick effect, and the longer drawn out effect where the signed card ends up folded in quarters right in your mouth.

    Birds of a Triumph - by Iain Moran, a fantastic, clean, open triumph effect. Doesnt need a table Two packets are faro'd in full view, no cover. For that alone its an awesome effect, let alone the four of a kind assembly kicker.

    Monterry Jacks - by David Forrest. A lovely sandwich effect.

    Smoke rings - by David Forrest. A linking rings type effect performed with just one playing card.

    You can find those last three on either www.full52.com or www.bigblindmedia.com
  13. I have a friend a couple of years back, and once he showed me a trick which to this day I still can’t figure out. He let me pick a card, look at it, and put it pack in the deck. Then he like lines the cards up into 5/6 six rows, then he did some complicated card-flipping or something. Then he put two face-down cards in front of me. He asked me to pick up the top card, I did. It was not the card I chose. I am sure this is one of the more known magic trick, can anyone tell me what it is?

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