What are these moves?

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    Hey guys, I was curious what the names of these moves were and where I could learn them. The production at the beginning where the coin falls out of the air, and the move at 25 seconds where the coin jumps to his other hand.

  2. Its on his head, thats all I got.
  3. That's what I was thinking, but where would something like that be taught? I guess it doesn't really have to be taught it's so simple. I would still like to know where it is taught though, cause I'm not sure how you would put a coin on your head in front of the audience:)

  4. jay nobelazada's "In the beginning there were coins" DVD teaches the head trick. I forgot the name and don't want to look it up. but that is the DVD that teaches it.
  5. Thanks man! That's all I need. What about the other move?

  6. the other move is just a toss. he tosses it. just watch it and practice it. nothing really to explain
  7. He does have a slight tossing motion, but it seems to be a little more than that. Oh well, I'll just practice it and see what I can do.

  8. its a specialized toss utilizing mostly the fingers. Ive been working on it awhile and its a beast to do. It uses mostly the thumb and first two fingers in almost a snap to make it fly with a little wrist motion. Just keep practicing it and eventually it will start to work. i dont know if its taught anywhere.
  9. Okay, I was thinking it had to be more than just a toss. Thanks man, I'll practice that.

  10. It's really Kainoa Harbottle's FINGERTIP MUSCLE PASS- but Ponta does it in a very lazy-looking way. Some call it the "tiddly-winks" move.

    Great one coin routine.


    Oh yeah- and Gregory Wilson teaches COIN FROM HEAD on his DVDs, Gregory Wilson's IN ACTION, volume 2.
  11. Thank you man. That's exactly what I needed to know:) Thanks!

  12. scott got it. Its taught in cointopia if you want to find the source. Its really knacky. Lots of practice required just like the normal muscle pass.
  13. Thanks guys. I'll check that out.

  14. dang scott, is there anything about coin magic you dont know? i think im just gonna stop posting on this forum and wait for you haha. Its basically just your forum anyways haha.
  15. Regarding the drop in the beginning of the routine, I at least interpreted it like he had it in his mouth/head, and then dropped it down to ultimately show that his hands were empty. To me that part had no to very little magic value, and I don't think it was meant to have either. Simply taking advantage of the fact that the camera wasn't showing his head.

    I think you're over-reading the move, and I don't blame you since I think we all do that at times. Seeing it with the magicians eyes, you search for its potential, seeing it with audiences eyes, well at least to me, there was nothing magical to it, but proofed that there was nothing in his hands, and he was really going to do a *one*-coin routine.

    Don't get me wrong though! That guy is an amazing coin magician with a unique style, though his routines has always taken a big advantage of the camera. I would love to see him perform live, and I don't doubt that he'd be great.
  16. Hmmm. I would disagree with you there. I think it was magical. To the audience, the coin fell out of the air. In reality, it was just on his head. You actually can do this with a live audience. Because they are looking at your hands, they won't notice it fall off your head. Personally, I think it's an awesome coin production, but I see your point.


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