What are your best, hardest-hitting, easy to preform card tricks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AKong, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Hey guys. I recently started magic, and its turned out to be a really fun hobby. For some reason, I'm really attracted to card magic. I've got most of the "essentials" (How to do Street Magic, Crash Course1/2, Ninja, DG Projects), but I'm looking for some really hard-hitting effects to supplement my routines that are easy to do (like Angle Zero, Witness, those sort of effects). I appreciate your suggestions!
  2. 2 card monte. Gets an amazing reaction everytime. Or, you can have card/ hand to mouth. That's an easy one to do, with a surprise result. It would go well with the ambitious card routine?
  3. Right now im working on my ACR. I never thought it was such a hard hitting effect until i actually went out and tried it. So simple in our eyes but works wonders to laymen. Escpecially when you get them involved. The Biddle Trick is another hard hitting effect that is simple. Anything where you can connect with your spectator on a higher level than pick a card really.
  4. I like sloppy shuffle triumph it's easy and super hard hitting!
  5. Anything with touch. If you can take any effect and add magic in their hands the results are ten fold. And if you're with a group that one person's reaction will become an antenna for the rest of the group's astonishment. Personally like having simple tricks putting cards in their hand and switching them out. Signed card makes it even better.
  6. Whenever possible, having a spectator sign their selected card adds so much more to the effect.I've found that the simpler the trick is the harder it hits (in most cases but not all) because the less "suspicious" or flashy moves the more magical it seems. For example, a simple ACR can come off as a very powerful magic trick as opposed to a move using a lot of flourishing and "show off" moves that might cause someone to think you are just skilled or fast with your hands.
  7. I have said this in a number of threads lately. Biddle is amazing in my opinion! So good and easy. My go to effect! ACR works well too, but make sure you have good patter and not "And then the car comes to the top....and again"
  8. Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama, I don't know if ANYTHING else get's me reactions like that.
  9. I second this! especially the part about the Biddle Trick, and connecting with your audience.

    I have a few effects from RRTCM (Royal Road to Card Magic) that are amazing, but they require a table or multiple spectators hands (this is both good and bad), that I do all the time to amazing reactions. PM me for more info on those if you want it.
  10. The Invisible Deck!
    Hits them hard.
  11. I've always loved Pulse Card. Hard-hitting, self-working, and very deceptive when performed right. I personally use my own face-down version of it with no crimps, marks or bends in the card but the other one can be just as deceptive.

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