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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dean Magic, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. The holiday wheel is very close now and I was curious as to what everybody won last year. I won a deck of white artisans and some elite points which was really awesome! This year I'm hoping for enough points to become an elite member. What was your best win and what are you hoping to win this year?
  2. I won elite points and a deck of Gold Steampunks. And, of course, free spins.
  3. I won about 500 in Elite points, 4 free spins, and a whole lot of 'try agains'.

    What am I going for this year? As long as I do better this year, I'm a happy camper :D
  4. I picked up a bunch of elite points which I used to grab a bunch of things from the wire. It was excellent
  5. What is this holiday wheel I keep hearing about. - A Theory11 Noob
  6. I summed up 2100 pts last year. Looking forward to this year's wheel!
  7. It was a Christmas promotion that for every item purchased you got a spin on a prize wheel. You also received 1 free spin every 24 hours. Lots of great grand prizes, but also lots of elite points (to put towards archive items or purchases. Pretty much everyone who spun it a few times got some elite points.

    It's also something to keep in perspective: free elite points are awesome! But when hoping for a grand prize it made some angry to only get elite points. It's like someone giving you a lottery ticket as a gift and being upset that you only won $20 instead of the million. It's a gift, and it's great!
  8. I got solely points last year (a whole lot of them) , but the year before I got a deck of Red JAQKs (and a lot of points as well), and that took enough luck to last two years. :)
  9. No day is complete without a spin on the holiday wheel. Problem is after making a purchase to get those lovely Gold Monarchs - I'm almost at a loss on what to buy to boost my holiday wheel spins. Almost.

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