What do you call yourself?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by phrozunsun, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. I call myself an Entertainer.... which really means I'm just a crappy magician that isn't magical enough.:(
  2. lol. love some of the answers. esp the one about the line being busy

    I totally agree about the whole I'm me, not a (insert title), but at the same time I want something that's going to be awkward with they ask questions that require me to explain i'm a....well, haven't decided on a title yet....

    Maybe I'll steal a line from Skillz....I'm your favourite magician's favourite magician.
  3. the poor bastard
  4. My friends call me the magish'

    The public calls me magic man, magic guy, the next criss angel (which hurts), david blaine...

    BUT My business card says Psychological Illusionist & Performance Artist
  5. Human being ;)
  6. Magician

    I do not perform tricks, I present magic.
  7. Hey Patrick, just cuz' yer entertaining, doesn't make you any less a magician. Most magicians today could barely entertain a thought, let alone a crowd. Be proud.
  8. Probly just good old Magician ;)

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