What do you love...

Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
... about doing magic?

There has been some negativity floating around in some of the past threads, and I apologize for adding to it. So, I wanted to start a thread with a possitive nature to it, one that would allow us to actually learn about other magicians and share perspectives.

A lot of people get into magic and continue magic for various reasons. At first, some like the idea of being part of the "magic inner circle", the "Know how of unbelievable effects" etc... For others, it is the thrill at being the center of attention. After beginning magic however, things like mastering technique, the thrill of peforming in front of others, learning the fine points of crowd control and studying the human mind, overshadow the glory of fame and motivate us to strive and work harder.

That being said however, some are definitely in it for the technique more than the performance "move monkies" so to speak. I for one, do not think there is anything wrong with this at all. Magic, as a whole, is a very wide and open hobby. If you are in it for mastering all the techniques possible, that is your thing... if you are in it for being the best performer out there who can pull in the biggest hats out on the boardwalk, and have no idea what a "clip shift" is, than all the more power to you as well. The thing is, everyone is different, and as long as our motives for pursuing magic are pure, magic itself will remain a pure hobby.

I for one love the feeling of a deck of cards. Riffling down the pack, fanning, clean push off DLs with no breaks, no bends... it is just a feeling that makes me want to practice and practice. In this way, I guess I am part move-monkey. However, being able to walk up to someone, of my choosing, and at the time I want, and be able to brighten their day (not mine), by doing something as simple as a card or coin vanish, allows me to feel that I have something special to offer people. I do, honestly do, try my best to keep it about entertaining the people, not pulling in the glory. In fact, a few good friends of mine love talking me up and introducing me to people, and even though I really appreciate their kind words, I would rather meet new people first, as just a person, and let them know my magical side after building a friendship. In that case, it is not the glory or fame of being a good magician that drives me... I think, I want to pursue magic, improve, so that I can effect people even more, whilst avoiding the glory. Truly a hard thing to do... but a fun pursuit nonetheless.

*Paid jobs are a bit different however. It is hard to not pull in the applause/glory alongside the pay check... they kind of go hand in hand. You can however, still be quite humble while putting the money in your pocket.

So how about you? what keeps you going? what drives you to pursue magic further?
Jul 14, 2008
Well, I don't do magic just to gain popularity at my high school. Magic is more than that. I am not sure if you heard the news about David Blaine giving the Trilogy to the cancer patient. This is true magic. Feel free to disagree with me, but look at Criss Angel. Sure he is a good magician, but in my opinion, he is doing just to get fame. Magic is all about giving true wonders rather than fame. Feel free to disagree with me.
Feb 1, 2009
Manchester, UK.
I believe magic isn't what you're performing, but what the audience is seeing and feeling. I think magic is not only what you do, how you do, but also the reactions you get. I mean, c'mon, if you've never had a really big grin and felt warm inside after getting a amazing reaction like a scream which could burst your eardrum then you're missing out.
Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
Good responses so far, keep em coming =).

I do slightly disagree with how you are putting it however. I don't disagree with your overall passion for what you believe magic accomplishes, but just the way you are wording it.

I believe magic is a tool/medium for giving people those joys/ warm smiles/ warm feelings in their hearts.

True, how David Blaine gave the cancer patience a copy of the trilogy, on a TV news story, that is the perfect headline: "Daid Blaine does true magic, performs a true miracle." But that is the same thing as, "Local firefighter brings magic to a family by saving their house from a could be disaster."

Do you see what I mean? In this sense, yes, that type of wonder/ amazement we can create in people from our talent, it is truly "magical."

But in terms of "magic" as the hobby, ie sleight of hand, stage magic, etc... what do you love about it.

So I guess, my original question wasn't so much, "what is magic?" It is, "why do YOU strive to improve?" and "what about magic do YOU love?"
Feb 1, 2009
Manchester, UK.
I strive to be so good people actually believe it's magic, that would be amazing not just thinking it's a card trick ect...

But that's not the thing I love, just the thing I desire :D
Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
I think that is a great way to approach magic. If you are really wanting your audience to believe it is true magic, that allows you to pursue magic in a clean way. What I mean is, if you keep this mindset, you will be able to appropriately choose which sleights to use. You will want to master more convincing and justified controls like the cascade or cherry control, rather than an unjustified double undercut.

You will also keep your standard of technique high, and not perform until your technique is ready.

I believe you sir, have the right idea! And, I agree again that wanting people to believe it is real magic, it not what we "love about magic," but should be, at least in a small aspect, be what we want our magic to accomplish.

But again, I love practicing the technique, until it fools even me in the mirror.
Jun 10, 2008
You little stalker!
Sigh, this is gonna be one of those 5-paragraphs-per-post threads that always give me a headache. :(

Anyways, the reasons i do magic are:

1. Thrill of performing
2. The satisfaction of nailing a hard sleight or flourish.
3. Magic helps me develop character and style, which will help be unique
3. Presentation helps me interact with others, which will help me not only in magic, but with other people skills in the future.

Also, i've become really popular in my high school because of magic, like half the school knows me. But i never really saw that coming and popularity is not the reason i do magic, but it is a nice add-on. :p
Sep 17, 2008
Good Lord is this a Ceca Trova question of the month?

For me it's a thing of perfection. When I first got into magic when I was younger, I would just do a few tricks. When I got back into it a few years back I tried to perform a few tricks withtout learning them inside and out. Needless to say, my tricks were not up to par and probably exposed. After that learning experience I stopped performing for people. I couldnt present myself out there anymore knowing that I was not representing magic like it should be. I now have a practiced routine that I am constantly perfecting. I am also striving to get new methods of trying things.

More recently though, I have been trying to do some more of reading the audience. I usually do street magic, so it is really important to get a feel of the person you are performing for. It's hard to describe what I am exactly talking about. But I am sure there are others that agree with what I am trying to say.
Apr 27, 2008
Im tired of saying the same old stuff - even because I don't believe half of it.

I do magic mainly because its funa dn it keeps me busy while I wait for the bus, t-bane, trikk, angry girlfriend, condesending girlfriend, friends who take too long to get ready, commercials, boring movie scenes...

The list goes on.

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