What is the best product theory11 has?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by schwarzeneggermagic, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. LOL.

    That was quite funny too, since all his **** performance videos were on the youtube account "towtoxgta". So people already knew about it.. Plus he even said he got banned on his other account lolol.
  2. When you are considering buying a trick, think this one question. If I was really magic, would I do this? There are very few effects that you can answer yes to that question with, but those are the effects that will make your reputation.
  3. I imagine myself doing the effect and create patter for it in 15 minutes. If it doesn't suit my personality, I don't buy it. Unless it's stuff I'll do for other magicians or I love the way it looks. Then it's just for me and my mirror.
  4. What he said. :)
  5. What is wrong with you people? This guy is wanting ADVICE which is what this forum is kinda for, isn't it? So how about you guys just lay off, get over yourselves and help the guy out without insulting his intellegence and making him feel/sound like an idiot!

    as for me I wish I could contribute to the actual reason this thread was posted but I don't have enough material from T11 I mainly come to the forums for advice but apparently we can't do that without jerks getting mad for no reason.
  6. No, actually. I respect coming to others for help. I don't respect asking the same stupid question three times in a row. "What good card books?" "What good card dvds?" "What good theory11 products?"

    I mean no offense, but I seriously wish he would consider studying English some more... Once his communication skills are up to par, I'd probably be nicer. It's more of the fact that we can't understand him 95% of the time and that he posted three threads about crap.

    But like I said, Royal Road to Card Magic. It might sound like BS now because nobody ever shuts up about it, but they don't stop talking about it for a REASON. You want to further your card magic? Royal Road to Card Magic. You want to be the greatest card magician your spectators have ever seen? Look no further than this -- Royal Road to Card Magic. You want to set the foundation for all of your card work until your last breath?


    (By Hugard and Braue)

    EDIT: No t11 products for you yet. Except for cards. Maybe that Erdnase color change download or fancyband, but to be honest, t11 can wait. You need fundamentals and you need grounding. The flashy, visual, in-your-face magic can wait. It's not going to run away, don't worry.
  7. Well, if you read all of the other posts, you would see that we're actually giving advice. We suggested that he should look for himself to see what he likes, everyone has their own personality. What we like and what he likes might be different. I hardly think that's a jerkish thing to do.

    But let me second that recommendation for the FREE download here called What to Read. If he is a beginner, he should start with books. They also cost less and have a lot more than just one trick. Plus there's a lot of good stuff in books.

    Look I'll put a smiley face here so I don't sound like a jerk. :)
  8. Can't tell you how many times I end up saying "lol" or put a smiley after something so I have to look nicer then I really am, thus weakening the arguement previously given. How many people take an arguement seriously after seeing a cheesy smiley face or a "roflcopterz lololol omg roflmao funneh as shet" after a long winded speech?
  9. I would have to agree with this. I just joined today and you guys are killing the kid. I looked back at his other posted and he said hes only 13. I think we have to at least give him a little more respect. All you guys are doing it putting him down by saying your English sucks, you suck at card tricks, stop putting up these stupid post and other stuff like that. The kids young and he is just getting into magic. The only thing you guys are doing is stoping him from continueing.
    Right now he's just trying to find something for Christmas and almost every post is something hateful. Right now I am very disappointed with this forum.

  10. I'm not going to speak on everybody's behalf, but I'll admit I've been an ass. But hopefully, he doesn't pull a towtox and because we're straight up with him, he'll listen to our advice now and thank us down the long road. I know I was grateful after being forced into Royal Road myself.

    Schwarzeneggermagic, if you feel I have been too mean, I am sorry. Just know that I still stand by my opinion - And recommend typing with a clear intent (use clearer words, sentence structure) and picking up Royal Road. However, I do feel that I was too harsh translating this to you, so once again, I am sorry.
  11. I'm 14 and I've never spoken in 1337 or anything like that. Even though my grammar isn't the best, at least I try!
  12. I personally would get Watermark had I be you. I don't know if it's the BEST, but it is very versatile.
  13. It's all based on style man. Some one could roll in here and rant and rave up and down the walls about how awesome and great colorblind is - I wouldn't buy it. It just isn't my style.

    I got DRESSCODE free for winning an SNC - it was an easy choice to get that, and had I not won that SNC, I would have bought it free of any hesitation. Why? Because that is my style. Ordinary objects, no cards, plays well close up for a few people, and on stage for a ton of people.

    For now, I suggest grabbing Mark Wilson's Complete Course or Joshua Jay's Course in Magic. Those will get your feet wet in everything - Cards, coins, ordinary objects, stage effects, mentalism, ropes, sponge balls, etc.

    This way, you can figure out who you are, what your style is, and what you like to perform. Then, go from there.
  14. First of all, I understand that it's stuff you'd want for Christmas that you're looking for and it looks and feels WAY cooler to order Smoke, Dresscode or other DVD's like that than it is buying books. But. The thing is that if you want the most out of the gift it's better to go with the books being mentioned here (Royal Road to Card Magic which has already been mentioned, or Card College 1 I'd say). They contain a great amount of sleights, tricks and tips on how to get better and will also make a terrific foundation if you are serious about doing magic in the future. Most of theory11's DVD's and downloads are more (at least indirectly) something for magicians who already has established a good foundation.

    If you still want to get something a bit more cool than a book, I'd say get the book and if there's room for anything else then you can get Dresscode or Smoke. Both are good tricks you don't necessarily need very much experience to be able to pull of with some practicing.

    Actually, I'm not too sure about Smoke though. I believe there's a notice about it being intended for 18 years and above.

    Anyone know if Foundations v2 could be a good complement to the books mentioned? Could be a bit easier to understand some sleights if you can see them and not just read the descriptions. Or is there any other DVD's that would be a better choice for him?
  15. I wouldn't recommend Foundations 2. I believe Card College 1 is also another great alternative if he can't understand the old writing style of the day when it was written. Although it is still a lot more foundational then Card College 1. There is a RRTCM DVD set by Paul Wilson (correct me if I'm wrong, can't remember who), and the double lift download by Jason England wouldn't be too harmful either, now that I think of it.
  16. Well, he and I are around the same age and I've always used perfect (or near perfect) grammar. Age isn't an excuse. And not every post is hateful, you should know that helping isn't always perfectly nice or 100% "nice", sometimes the truth hurts. I don't think it's nice to say that his grammar sucks, but I have to say that it's true. The only excuse he might have would be that he's from another country and English isn't his primary language. If so, I would like to apologize. :)

    Since you just joined yesterday, you probably weren't here for the "Great Towtox Uproar". He posted crappy videos and when we tried to help him, he wouldn't listen. He then said that he would be leaving theory11 because we made him want to quit. Yes, some of our posts to him weren't all nice, but he brought it on himself.

    So Swarchenegger Magic (or however you spell it), don't be a Towtox. Listen to what we have to say and try to benefit from it. :)

    PS: I don't think anyone said he sucked at card tricks...

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