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  1. If someone can help me out with this it would be great, because I cant find what deck this is on the variety pack of cards in the third picture. It is the brown deck and only says made in the United States of America and is between the Monarchs and the Derren Brown deck. unnamed.jpg
  2. First, I dont think that's a Monarch deck - if we're looking at the same picture. That deck looks like sons of liberty.

    I believe the deck you are looking at is the Artisans GOLD edition

  3. Ya your probably right about that being a sons of liberty. Also thanks a lot for helping me, I spent way to long last night trying to figure out what deck that was.
  4. Not a Sons of Liberty deck - there are only theory11 decks in that photo, and the Sons of Liberty decks is not a theory11 deck.

    Winner, winner! It is definitely a Gold Artisan deck.

    // L
  5. yep, totally my bad - Joe Mama is right - it's a monarch deck. This should be a game - identify the deck from the side only
  6. With a bunch of decks that share the same wording on one side, just different art, this might be an interesting challenge.

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