What is this effect?

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  1. On Chris Alexander's page (magicisdead.com/TheHungerArtist), he performs an effect where he takes an empty wine glass, covers it with his hands, and suddenly it's half full of wine. Does anyone know what this effect is, and if possible, where I could learn such an astounding effect?
  2. no but thats a sweet effect
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    Name of actual book, no. But you can find something like it in many magic books you could pick up at the library.


    Re-watched it. Disregard my previous statement :p

  4. camera trick? wc
  5. Lol, it looks like it, but I don't think D+M would bring anyone into Magic is Dead who would use camera effects. That's just asking for humiliation.

    I wish I could find this, though. It's phenomenal.
  6. Well, you've obviously thought wrong.
  7. Ha! Check out Gianni's Eat the Deck video. Daniel does the effect in one of his TK videos and you can see the edit. It would be a cool effect to perform but to my knowledge there is no practical method.
  8. Man

    look at Boneho's vid number 3

    he does this amazing effect (not 100% clear what the entire routine is) but the guy says ace of hearts and he like pushes the cards together and it says A <3

    it looks phenomenal
  9. The effect is my own, one of a series of effects called: (b)LUSH. The one in the video is a variation of "(b)LUSH: apparation". The series itself has that, as well as a few variations of water-to-wine effects. I'm working on many projects right now, one of them being a full-length book that right now I'm calling "Thoughts From Inside The Cage", (only a working title, subject to change), wherein the (b)LUSH series will be taught amongst some of my other work, including sleights, psych work, and performance approach and philosophy. It is scheduled to be complete in late 2008 and will be a downloadable ebook and will be sold exclusively through Devil's Advocate Productions, more soon. Thanks for the interest, I'll keep you updated.

    -Christopher Alexander
  10. NOTE: was reffering to the effect in my video, not the boneho effect just to be completely clear. Just thought I'd make sure that was clear. I didn't want to make it seem like I was claiming authorship of another's work through miscommunication

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