What is this flourish ?

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  1. So first, hello guys, I'm new in the forum
    So, can someone tell me how the card can remain stuck on the thumb during the Angel ? Because I want to learn the spock but the card allways falls...
    So I hope that you will help me :)
    Sorry if there is some mistakes, I'm french
    Edit : ho sorry for the mistake in the title of the thread :/
  2. Try not washing your hands so they become kind of sweaty/sticky. A lot of it is just genetics and how sticky your skin naturally is. Sorry
  3. Use lotion to keep your thumb moist, or lick it.
  4. Don't do either of these things as they will damage your card
  5. I've found that certain decks like Regalia are easier to do the Angel
  6. Dots work super well
  7. Let your thumb be flat on the card and your middle finger be perpendicular (at 90°) to the card
    and press hard(not too much)
    Hope it is useful:)

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