What is this trick called?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jenai, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I went to a magic show recently. Well, It was a magic competition, alot of participants and some great performances. One effect stuck in my head, Im not sure what its called but it really blew me away.

    The magician was speaking in a language I dont understand very well so I couldn't get what the entire thing was but heres what I could understand.

    So the magician called up 2 participants (A young girl and an elderly man). He had them both sit on a chair facing each other. Then he said something that sounded like "cleaning the girls aura", he waved his hands over her and gave her some instructions which I couldnt understand.
    After that he tapped the man 3 times and asked the girl how many taps she felt she replied 3!!.

    So was hoping you guys could tell me what this trick is called and where it can be found.

    Thanks a ton

    - Jenai
  2. im gonna just guess Derren Brown. Don't remember the effect name or the book but just wait, guarantee the next post will know.
  3. not sure but check these names and see what becomes of it....

    the first thing that comes to mind is Banachek's version in which Criss Angel did on the Mindfreak Series...

    I think its from his metalism book volumes...i think so...

    but try these guys out, it wont hurt, only help...

    Jon Finn "The Incomparable Jon Finn"

    Dan Harlan " Totally Mental 1 and 2"
  4. Yeah you were correct. I just felt like throwing in a link. :D
  5. Do you really think picking through someone else's act (work) as a smorgasboard for your own is the right thing to do? Seems to me that if you want to use an idea you saw someone else use (regardless of where they may have gotten the idea) that you should ask THEM, not come online and engage in what is essentially exposure by committee.

    Would you want someone to see your show and then go out and start doing the tricks you do?
  6. Welcome to the internet.
  7. does it really matter??? people use the net and T.V. all the time and do that...it doesn't matter...
  8. You do have a point. In fact Banachek talks about this in the booklet, how that before to know how a trick as strong as Psychological Touches you would have to earn the creators trust etc.
    But now its just a couple of clicks away.

    I have seen a close up performer at The Magic Circle, some one I had never met, he did an amazing trick. I went and introduced myself and showed him 2 tricks, I then asked who is the creator of the trick?, he answered me. I got the trick and ever since we have been helping each other out on the sleight of hand and presentation in that trick. We came to be friends.

    I love psychological touches, its so simple yet with the right presentation and technique so powerful.

  9. Psychokinetic Touches By Banachek. Great effect. I have it. Hard to make it convincing (need very good presentation skills) but when you get it right it kills.

  10. Does it really matter???

    People use guns and knives all the time to murder and steal.

    Just because people do bad stuff all the time, does that mean the bad stuff they do doesn't matter?
  11. I see the point you are making, but since Banachek has released and marketed this effect, it is already out there for anyone to buy and anyone who buys it should get the performance rights as well.

    So I don't think the OP is doing anything wrong by asking if the effect has been marketed. The only question is whether it is wise to try and fit this new item into his existing one, and unless we know his existing routine, we can't judge that.
  12. The world's full of jerks. You're just going to have to learn to live with them.
  13. Descartes, let's take the issue a step further;

    Let's say you have spent thousands of dollars building a magic library, you have spent hundreds of hours searching through old books in a quest to find material that is unique. You take an old idea and hone it into a successful performance piece that you use to make a living/create art.

    Now someone sees your act, goes online and asks what the trick is. (Why he didn't ask you in the first place seems odd, but whatever.)

    Someone smart replies and tells you the name of the trick, the creator and the book that its in. You go out and do it.

    Its true, the creator released the item. It's fair game.

    But is this fair to the person who built the library, did the research, had the vision (afterall, its been sitting there for years, so it took some insight to realize its value from the printed page), and did the work to make this a strong performance piece?

    Is it fair for someone to walk in on the end of that process and just take the results for their own use?

    Seems to me that the right thing to do would be to ask the person whose work you want to coopt.

    If they don't care, they will share. If they do, then it should be hands off regardless of the trick and its commercial availability.

    Do we really help our art when we copy others, do the same tricks, and lead bookers to think of magicians as interchangeable commodities OR would we be better of doing our own work, following our own visions, and using magic as a medium to create a diversity of experiences reflective of a diversity of personalities.

    In short, if your decisions and actions lead you to be more like another performer, you are doing them, yourself, and the art of magic a disservice. If your decisions and actions set you apart from others, then you are to be commended.
  14. The fruits of one's endeavors are indeed built upon the backs of many's labors.

    Is it fair? No. But lot's of things aren't fair. We've learned this lesson in another recent post, that drew moderate debate.

    Does it happen? Yes. The worlds full of jerks. Instead of them changing their ways to fit into society, we should change our ways to work around the few that would want to live on the outskirts of fairness.
  15. Labeling people jerks does no good. It is also innacurate. Being ignorant of the consequences of one's choices doesn't make the person a jerk - just ignorant of the consequences of their actions.

    We can throw our hands in the air OR we use opportunities like this to educate them as to better practices. In the worst of cases, we shun those that exhibit these behaviors and cease to enable their quest for easy information.

    Those that think it doesn't matter aren't jerks. Just unaware of the larger dynamics involved and blind to how they have been affecting them the entire time.

  16. I did try asking him but since I wasnt participating in the competition I wasnt allowed back stage. I described the effect the way I saw it. Im not really familiar with mentalism effects. Once I buy this Im pretty sure Id be able to figure out different ways of presenting it.

    I dont see anything wrong with it. Its not like im going to mimic the exact presentation he used when I perform the trick...

    - Jenai
  17. Jenaj,

    The point is that you are using someone else to find your tricks for you. You are taking advantage of their work, research and vision and offering them nothing in return - not even a 'please" or "thank you'.

    Perhaps you have never invested thousands of dollars or hubdreds of hours finding material for your own performances. If you had, then maybe you would not be so cavalier in taking ideas (and trick selection is an idea) from another performers act.

    The short answer is - you went behind his back. If you see a performer and want to use anything you see, you must ask them - not us - them.

    Even if it means doing a little research on your own --like calling the competition organizer and getting a number or email for the person whose work you want to coopt.

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