What is your favorite flourish?

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  1. Okey. I have too many good ones too name one favourite, but here's a few, in non specific order:

    Tornado Cut - Ashford
    Jaspas Cut - Jaspas of course?
    Passion - Jaspas
    Squeeze - Daren
    Electric Eel - Huron
    Radii Fan - Huron
    Thumb Fan - ?
    Carnahan Fan - Bucks
    Under Pressure - Mike Vile
    All Molecules.
    Madonna 1 & 3.
    Tons of armspreads.

    etc. etc. etc....

    And PLEEEASE people, let's keep this as the main: What favourite blah blah blah... Thread... We don't want it like it have become at Dan&Dave.com, where every single noob make a new favourite-thread.!.!
  2. 1. Under Pressure isn't created by Grandpa Buck, but by Micheal Vile
    2. Aerial ? that's not realy a flourish is it? I mean some flourishes áre aerial or contain aerial stuff in them..
    3. you forgot the name of your own flourish :S?

    OT: Molecule 1 feels always very good and lately Akira is going very well :)
  3. At the moment its gotta be pandora to perform and j5 to see others perform
  4. I think they called is Aerial with some random letters and numbers afterwards or something
  5. Favorite to do is Pandora,Jackson5,crabshak etc,etc,etc
    Favorite to watch is pandora,jackson5,crabshak etc,etc,etc
  6. Favourite to do - Maddona360-Mayhem combo.

    Favourite to watch - Sick and Twisted Wings of a Mockingbird.

  7. I love the Jackson Five, but can not perform it (hahaha)
  8. yep, that's definitly my favorite cut to watch... I tink I cried when I first saw that cut ! :D And my favorite cut to do (since I can't do STWM) is the molecule 2...

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    My favorite moves to do are my own. :)

  10. i like my own cut: Freeze cut, but i have severals other nice flourishes, what i like. under pressure is amazing:)
  11. under pressure rocks! so does mary jane, madonna, and kryptonite.
  12. I like flourishes, based on Tornado Cut, including Pandora, packet spin look really amazing.
    Like to watch different fans and flourishing from some decknique members.
  13. my flourish is called the Safe MC which stands for showoff-y, amazing, fannable, extreme manipulation cut


    that vid was when i first made it up, the deck flip, flips 3 times over now, and its a lot more fluid and faster.
  14. lethal and lethal ex by daniel madison. ther both sick wicked nasty!
  15. Mine is Molecule 4!
  16. Hmm, I'd have to say Tornado and Kryptonite.
  17. favorite to do overall is mockingbird part 1

    favorite at the moment to practice is molecule 4

    favorite to see done is sick and twisted wings of the mockingbird (from void deck, dunno what the cut looks like now, heard it changed)
  18. Mine would be the Pandora by Dan and Dave Buck which is found on the Trilogy, I just like the smooth and fast pace of the flourish.

  19. I love to Fan! Fanning a deck is nice and cool, I feel good everytime i fan. :D

    my favourite which i can do is Damn Straight, Under Pressure and sybil.
    my favourite which i cant do is Jackson 5.
  20. My favourite which i can do is my modified porcupine cut by cap casino....is a display actually..

    My favourite i cant do is .....sybil helix....i still cant get the sybil revolution right :(

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