What is your favorite flourish?

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  1. Favourite flourish to do - I'm not a flourish guy (until I pick up Trilogy) but I do like to mess around with De'vo's Flash Drei, as I think the initial display, then the basic cutting sequence paces well.

    Favourite flourish to watch - Good LePaul Spreads and De'vo's CTG.

  2. My favorite flourish is Tudor's What the hell. It just really amazes laymen and looks so cool...

    You should check out richards video of him performing it :D

    The one I perform the most would be some Molecule variations...
  3. One of my many favorite flourishes is sybilNthurn from Daniel Madison.
    The one i like to see performed is the CTG routine.
  4. favourite to do: pandora.

    favourite to watch: wings of a mockingbird (kevin ho)
  5. leno cut

    my favorite flourish right now is the leno cut. its just such a beautiful display and is not that hard to do. i give it 5/5
  6. I find myself doing the Molecule 4 (all phases) a lot... Same with the Molecule 2. It just feels right the way it flows in the hand. I also love this mixture of Mary Jane, and a couple triple cuts. Another fun one is the KFC cut? I dunno what it's called really.
  7. 360 SPider cut. and the one i can't do would be kryptonite.
  8. I've pretty much mastered everything on Xtreme Beginners and now I'm moving to the trilogy.

    My favorite single no display-ish flourishes are the Lepaul S-Spread and the carnahan fan

    My favorite more complicated flourishes I'm still working on is the phases of molecule 4 and pandora.
  9. I love Devo's Cobra cut. I think that it really holds up to its name and I also like to do Impossible Stack Close with a Sybil variation in it.
  10. Fav cuts

    i really like Sick and Twisted Wings of the Mockingbird from kev and also squeeze from daren cuz its like easy and looks awsome.
  11. I can never favourize a certain thing, but here are a few flourishes that I love;

    Favourite multi-packet flourishes that I do:
    Jackson Five, Pandora, Akira, Tornado Cut, Molecule 4, ReInvention

    Favourite misc. flourishes that I do:
    Carnahan Fan, T.G. Murphy Deck Flip, Under Pressure, Erdnase Go Round

    Favourite flourishes that I cannot do:
    Tectonic Verb

    Not sure what you will gain from such pieces of knowledge but there you go,
  12. why cant you do the tectonic verb?
  13. Because it's a bitch!

    But on a more serious note, I probably phrased it wrongly. I can do the cut, just not as effectively as I would probably like it to be - so I class it as something I 'can't' do.

  14. Im going to have to go with Pandora and Underpressure; Underpressure seems to catch a lot of peoples eyes when I randomly do it in class.
  15. Indeed. I would have the exact same list.
  16. PANDORA AND JACKSON 5!! Enough said.
  17. i love ace productions. awesome blossom and real time gets my vote. awesome blossom looks like a great explosion or firecracker and real time looks beautiful especially because of the wave motion. molecules are great too.
  18. I can do: LDS(vertical version<--no flick), as well as this false cut I came up with(havn't named it yet)
    can't do: the Joans(sp?) change
  19. It's the Jones Change.

    ...and I'm not quite sure if you can count a ColorChange as a Flourish?!
  20. I'm not big in flourishing (more into tricks), so my favorite flourish would have to be the Moth cut (a variation of the Butterfly cut, it is taught on Justin Miller's Strolling Hands DVDs. Excellent set, by the way).

    Like I said, it's a variation on the Butterfly cut that retains the top stock. Because it can keep the top cards in order, I use it all the time when I'm pretending to look for cards because the flourish actually looks like you're looking their card.

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