What is your favorite flourish?

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  1. My favorite that i can do: 5 faces of sybil...very basic. I still suck at it though.
    favorite that i cannot do: Jackson 5 or Pandora.
  2. my fav would pandora or malice by daniel madison.
  3. Torofluxes - Jonas (can't do completely)
    Firefly - Huron (too out of this world)

    But those that i can do and that are my favourite are my own creations ;). Its the only way to go!
  4. Mine are probably two
    -Pandora by the Bucks
    -l2agnarok by Kev H (if you haven't seen it it's really nice and smooth)
  5. Favorites to perform:

    upright armspread
    fan twirl, arm-roll close, spin
    giant fan and giant angle fans
    half turnover overhead armspread catch
    overhead spring
    long distance spinners and vertical spins
    L-cut sequences
    6 packet display cut
    deck twirls
    tumble and twirl cut riffs
    triple transfer riffs
    heaven display
    birdy fan to balance on right hand to same hand catch

    Favorites I can't perform but would love to learn:

    3 and 2 card juggling
    pirouette deck tosses and spinning crescent kick catches
    pirouette spring
    king cobra
    hinge cuts
    helix cut
    card throwing for accuracy
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  7. Fav flourish I can do: SYBLNTHRN (Daniel Madison)
    Fav flourish I'd love to do: Sick & Twisted Wings of the Mockingbird (Kev H)
  8. It is not in a specific order, but a list I like to perform.

    Jackson Five-Buck Twins
    Tornado Crabshack Combo-Buck Twins
    Molecules (all of them)-Buck Twins
    What the Hell Happened to Sybil-Brian Tudor
    One Handed Combos
  9. im just a sucker for the one handed shuffle ^^, even though i can do it and all, especially Richard Turners variation, looks sweet, and everyone is amazed when they see it.
  10. My favorites I can do:
    Mayhem - Daniel Madison
    Fly - Daniel Madison
    Sleepless - Daniel Madison
    Sybil Helix - Daniel Madison
    Lethal X - Daniel Madison
    B4CUT - Andrei Jikh

    But I can do
    the card twirl is Huron Lows Firefly Two Card Twirl combined with Andrei's Bullet Move because i don't have videos teach it.....
    and i love all flourish of Andrei Jikh.......Daniel Madison....DB
  11. Fav to do: Curly-Q by ???
    Fav that i can't do: Paddidle
  12. Well my favourite flourish I can do is the Bowtie by Chase Duncan, and the one what I wish to do is Pandora. Maybe one day.
  13. Favorite flourish I can do: Teachwrap. It's an elegant false cut I use for card magic

    Favorite flourish I can't do: probably the one I'm currently on, Erdnase Go Round; I haven't found that sweet spot yet, although I've inly been doing it for two days

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