what is your favourite 5 magicians in the world

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by ilovestreetmagic, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. don't talk about Rich Aviles! Shh!
  2. Oops! I change it to Dan and Dave + Chad Nelson, they're my heros:rolleyes:
  3. Rich Aviles is a hidden gem in magic. I try to never mention his name on the forum because I want him to myself.
  4. My top 5 :)

    Helder Guimarães
    Lennart Green
    Han Seoul-Hui
    Ricky Jay
    Shawn Farquhar

    No order :)
  5. Dunno what you guys think of this but what about James Galea???

    you seen any of his tricks ???
  6. I totally forgot to out Rick Merill on my list.
  7. David Blaine
    Derren Brown
    Lance Burton
    Lennart Green
  8. Shawn Farquhar
    Lance Burton
    Dan@Dave(i know)
    Helder Guimarães
    Ed Marlo
  9. 1. Wayne Houchin
    2. Danny García
    3. Chad Nelson
    4. John Guastaferro
    5. David Blaine
  10. Derren Brown.
    Lennart Green.
    David Blaine.
    Michael Vincent.
    Benjamin Earl.

    At first I thought there was no order, but that was the order they came to my mind, so maybe that's my order of preference...
  11. The thread says "in the world" vu many others has written magicians that today are dead, so I'm gonna do that too.

    Favourite Performers, no order
    Johan Ståhl
    Lennart Green
    Michael Ammar
    An ha Lim
    Shawn Farquhar

    Creators, no order
    Lennart Green
    Ed Marlo
    Dai Vernon
    Ernest Earrick
    Tom Stone

    Technicians, no order
    Jason England
    Ed Marlo

    //Carl Stanley
  12. Lennart Green
    Helder Guimaraes
    Juan Tamariz
    Darwin Ortiz
    Dani DaOrtiz

    No Order.
  13. Dai Vernon
    S.W. Erdnase
    Danial Garcia
    Jason England
    Ed marlo
  14. in no order:

    Larry Jennings
    Micheal Vincent
    Bill Goodwin
    Helder G.
    Ed Marlo

    EDIT: Erdnase, Guy Hollingworth, Ernest Earick, Paul Harris and the bucks deserve honorable mentions

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