what is your favourite 5 magicians in the world

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by ilovestreetmagic, Oct 13, 2010.

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    3- chadnelson
    5-daniel garcia
    so now we all know that criss angel has no fans :D i hate him
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    You know Dan and Dave are technically two magicians, right? They might be twins, but not of the conjoined variety.

    I only really replied to this thread to say that, but as I'm here, in no particular order:

    1. Lennart Green
    2. Juan Tamariz
    3. Derren Brown
    4. Jeff McBride
    5. Ian Rowland

    All of those five have a superb grasp of presentation and drama, and have magnificent technical skills to back it up.

    EDIT: I think Apollo Robbins and James Brown need to get honourable mentions as well.
  3. Juan Tamariz
  4. in NO particular order

    lennart green
    Apollo Robbins
    daniel garcia
    wayne houchin
    dan white

    although i feel i should also mention Chris Kenner, Homer Liwag, Arthur Trace, Topaz, Bill Malone and Derren Brown

    and teedee, i think Jeff Mcbride had a clear grasp on presentation and drama back in the 80's but he's in much need of an update, his act is so outdated. Not saying his skill is, just his act
  5. This is in a particular order =P

    Wayne Houchin
    David Blaine (Mainly because he got be started in the whole journey)
    Daniel Garcia
    Derren Brown
    Eric Jones

    My honorable mentions would be David Stone, Apollo Robbins, and Jason England. Though I am assuming that we are only dealing with those that are alive today =D
  6. 1. Wayne Houchin
    2. Wayne Houchin
    3. Wayne Houchin
    4. Wayne Houchin
    5 .Wayne Houchin

  7. 1.Daniel Garcia
    2.Chris Brown
    3.Rene Lavand
    4.David Williamson
    5.David Blaine
  8. williamson
    my top 3
  9. So, this statistically demonstrates that you're most likely to be someone's favourite magician if your first intial is D and/or your last intitial is B. Most popular first name is David, and most popular surname is Brown, so somewhere out there is the ultimate magician David Brown.
  10. You wrote "magicians" and then put Dan&Dave in the list?

    It's like saying Justin Bieber is a singer and Kristen Stewart an actress...

    Otherwise, my list would looks like this :

    1) John Bannon
    2) David Williamson
    3) Simon Aronson
    4) Lennart Green
    5) Pit Hartling

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    Earl Nelson
    Ed Marlo
    Lennart Green
    Christian Chelman

    John Bannon, Eric Jones, David Williamson and Homer Liwag should be in there.. Why do we only have 5 spots? :(

    (See? No flourishers! Actual magicians! :) )
  12. Mine are:

    1. Rick Merrill
    2. David Stone
    3. Bill Malone
    4. Michael Ammar
    5. Steve Cohen
  13. In no particular order. But the ones I enjoy watching perform and creating their material. And yes, I know Dan and Dave are two persons, but they compliment each other so great, so they go in as one entry :)

    - Ricky Jay
    - Michael Ammar
    - Dan and Dave
    - Derren Brown
    - David Williamson
  14. Dan and Dave are two magicians!!!!

    I no particular order:
    - Dai Vernon
    - Daniel Madison
    - Ricky Jay
    - Benjamin Earl
    - Michael Ammar
  15. In no particular order.
    Dai Vernon
    Danny Garcia
    Daniel Madison
    Paul Harris
    Chris Kenner
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    Some of the responses in this thread make me somewhat sad.

    In no particular order.
    -Juan Tamariz
    -Jon Armstrong
    -David Williamson
    -Mac King

    this last person isn't really a magician, but his sleight and misdirection are definitely world class
    -Bob Arno
  17. In no particular order:
    1. Chris Kenner
    2. Dan and Dave(I know they are two people, but you never see anything by just Dan or just Dave, so I'm counting them as one)
    3. Daniel Garcia
    4. Paul Harris
    5. Derren Brown
  18. Ricky Jay
    Darwin Ortiz
    Martin Nash
    Richard Turner
    Ed Marlo

    Steve Forte is not considered a magician but so is Richard. so Im going with a list of 6
  19. Ricky Jay
    David Blaine
    Lennart Green
    Derren Brown
    Harry Lorraine

    No particular order except that Ricky Jay is my favorite.
  20. The only order I will be able to give is:

    1-Dai Vernon
    2-Ricky Jay
    3-Daniel Madison

    After that, I would say I admire the dextirity and technical know-how of Steve Forte and Jason England.

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