what is your favourite 5 magicians in the world

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    Well yes. And I think it depends on the age. Go to E-Forum and you´ll see Brad Christian as one of the favorite magicians in 'Who is your favorite magicians'- threads. That shouldn´t sound disrespectful (I have nothing against BC), but when someone mentiones BC as a favorite magician, leaving LEGENDS and MASTERS uncalled (I assume they don´t even know about them), it´s obvious how strong the influence of these magic-lifestyle-websites is on the kids.

    That´s one of the reasons I like Theory 11. People tend to be more open here.
  2. I'm not trying to sound arrogant with my first favorite magician but these are my favorites in no particular order except that I am first

    Me! - I am my favorite magician! I will never be exactly like another magician!
    David Stone
    Jay Sankey
    Danny Garcia
    Mac King

    David Stone's work is truly amazing (as is the others), Jay Sankey's stuff has taught me A LOT of what I know. I admire Danny AND Jay because of their creativity. Mac King is SUPER entertaining to watch. ALL FOUR of those guys I admire for how hilarious they are!
  3. Thats just arrogant dude....
  4. No it isn't. It is confidence. It help's me a lot in my performances. I like who I am and I know I have a lot to learn and a long ways to go and I am in no way saying that I am better than anyone or anything like that. I simply like who I am and how I perform and that makes me my favorite magician. Its a confidence boost! Helps a lot when the nerves come along when I start performing!
  5. 1. Lance burton
    2. Aldo Colombini
    3. Juan Piere Vallarino
    4. all Theory11 team : )

  6. in particular order
    1.Daniel Garcia
    2.Wayne Houchin
    3.Eric Ross
    4.Eric Jones
    5.Jay Noblezada
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    Chris Kenner – In General
    David Acer – Humor and Personality
    Wayne Houchin – He Looks Like A Vampire
    Daniel Garcia – It Is My Dream To Hug Him (It was also my dream to hug Billy Mays………never mind)
    David Stone – He Can Talk Perfectly With A Card In His Mouth (French)
    Bill Goodwin – He Feeds Me Chocolate
  8. When you have to explain it like that, it sounds more like you're trying to convince yourself that. Just so you know. There is a very slight chance that you're serious, but if it was confidence, you wouldn't have explained every little detail why.
  9. Whit Haydn
    David Roth
    Eric Jones
    Dai Vernon
  10. Whit Haydn is hilarious. Always a pleasure to watch him perform.
    I´ve to add one more. Jason Latimer. His Glass cups and balls routine is the best of its kind I´ve ever seen.
  11. Dai Vernon
    Mathieu Bich
    Paul Harris
    Dan and Dave
    Helder Guimaraes
  12. Dai Vernon
    Lu Chen
    Tommy Wonder
    David Copperfield
  13. 1.Daniel Garcia
    2.Daniel Garcia
    3.Daniel Garcia
    4.Daniel Garcia
  14. 1. Richard Simmons
    2. Chuck Norris
    3. Harry Potter
    4. Bullwinkle
    5. Your Mom
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    My mother is a great magician. :) Or not... She doesn't even approve of me doing magic. Why did you bring that up, Asher? (crys)

    1. Ricky Jay
    2. Tommy Wonder
    3. Aaron Fisher
    4. John Guasteferro
    5. Dai Vernon

    If I could add one more (and this way, I am) it'd be Doc Eason. And then others that comes to mind are pretty close jumbles.

    p.s. Subject to change whenever I feel like.
  16. 1. Dan and Dave (tied since they both make tricks together)
    2. David Blaine
    3. Cyril Takayama
    4. None
    5. None

    I put dan and dave at the top because i love how their tricks, you can tell someone how to do it, but they cant perform it themselves because it requires hardcore sleights :D
  17. 1 - Lennart Green
    2 - Simon Aronson
    3 - Derren Brown
    4 - Jeff McBride
    5 - Pit Hartling

    no specific order.. i love all of them.. and there a least 10 more that are as good as they are..
  18. 1 - Lennart Green
    2 - Simon Aronson
    3 - Derren Brown
    4 - Jeff McBride
    5 - Pit Hartling

    no specific order.. i love all of them.. and there a least 10 more that are as good as they are..
  19. Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan.

    Why? Because he spits hot fire.
  20. Rich Aviles has a great offbeat sense of humor
    Steve Beam is highly skilled with cards and (again) great humor that sneaks up on you
    Ricky Jay could make the top 5
    Mac King is just one hell of an entertainer
    Penn and Teller not just for their magic, but everything they do is both entertaining and smart.

    I like old clips of Doug Henning, Dai Vernon, and David Copperfield.

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